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Welcome to the new GivingEdge!

We've recently made some significant changes to GivingEdge to help further ignite generosity in the Sacramento region, and we're thrilled to showcase the refreshed site as we head into the giving season and kick-off nonprofit registration for Big Day of Giving 2022 (which will be held on Thursday, May 5, 2022).

So, what's new? With the expertise of our technology partners at Mightycause, GivingEdge is now cleaner, more user-friendly, and built to make giving easy and fun! We're building more ways to discover local causes and, in the coming months, will launch new features—including group giving pages, searchable volunteer opportunities, and more!

Donors with GivingEdge Accounts

Many area donors have created GivingEdge accounts during Big Day of Giving or throughout the year. If you've had a donor account on GivingEdge in the past, your GivingEdge account and information have been migrated to our new system! Once you reset your password, you can immediately begin using new tools to show off your generosity!

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Please note: Data from past Big Day of Giving fundraising pages was not migrated to this new system. If you created a fundraising page in the past and would like to review it, please contact our team at, and we will happily assist.

Donors without GivingEdge Accounts

You don't need an account to make a donation on GivingEdge, but giving is more easy and fun if you have one! With a free account, you can track your giving history, make and manage recurring gifts, create your own fundraising pages, and more.

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Nonprofit Staff and Volunteers

We've migrated your organization's page and most of your content from your previous GivingEdge profile! If you already had an administrator account on GivingEdge, you'll just need to reset your password and start making your new page feel like home. Registration for Big Day of Giving 2022 runs from October 18, 2021, through January 10, 2022, and you can find more details here.

Set your password

Please note: If you had both nonprofit and donor accounts on the prior version of GivingEdge, and would like to combine both accounts into one, please contact our team at, and we will happily assist.

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