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GivingEdge is a year-round resource for information on nonprofits that serve the Sacramento region and the backbone of our community's annual giving day, Big Day of Giving. The team at the Sacramento Region Community Foundation built GivingEdge to help everyone discover organizations that match their interests. The profiles included in the searchable database are updated annually and include essential information on each nonprofit's programs, governance, financial management, impact, and more. 

GivingEdge makes it easy and fun to learn about and give to nonprofits serving the Sacramento region  — all from one simple account!

Information for donors

...with GivingEdge Accounts

Many donors have created GivingEdge accounts during past Big Days of Giving or throughout the year. Log in to access your donation information and give again! If you've forgotten your password, reset it to regain access to your account.


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You don't need an account to make a donation on GivingEdge, but giving is more fun if you have one! With a free account, you can track your giving history, make and manage recurring gifts, create your own fundraising pages, and more.

Information for nonprofits

...with GivingEdge accounts

If you already have an administrator account on GivingEdge that's connected to your nonprofit's profile, please log in to access and update your organization's GivingEdge page. If you've forgotten your password, reset it to regain access to your account.


...without GivingEdge accounts

If your Sacramento area nonprofit doesn't have a GivingEdge profile, it's easy to create one! A profile on GivingEdge gives your organization an "edge" in educating our community on your work. Learn more in Nonprofit Resources.

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