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For over 50 summers, the Community of Writers has brought together poets, prose writers, and screenwriters for separate weeks of workshops, individual conferences, lectures, panels, readings, and discussions of the craft and the business of writing. Our aim is to assist writers to improve their craft and thus, in an atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual support, move them closer to achieving their goals. The Community of Writers holds its summer writing workshops in Olympic Valley, California.

The Community of Writers was established in 1969 by novelists Blair Fuller and Oakley Hall, who were both residents of the valley. Over the years the community has mounted workshops in Fiction, Nonfiction, Screenwriting, Playwriting, Poetry, Nature Writing, and Writing the Medical Experience. Since 1991, The Community of Writers has been under the direction of Brett Hall Jones, Oakley Hall's daughter. Lisa Alvarez and Louis B. Jones co-direct the Fiction Program and Michael Carlisle directs the nonfiction Program of the Writers Workshop. Robert Hass has directed the Poetry Workshop since 2004. The Screenwriters Workshop, directed and founded by Diana Fuller, was folded into the Writers Workshop, beginning in 2016.

In addition to providing writing and poetry workshops, The Community of Writers also strives to assist writers in their careers after they have attended through a comprehensive alumni website, various events hosted throughout the west, including poetry readings, published alumni readings, and attendance at conventions and book fairs. We often hire select successful alumni back as summer staff members. Along with promotional assistance, the Community of Writers works hard to foster a wide network of alumni writers that assist and support each other. We do this through publication of the Omnium Gatherum and newsletter, our quarterly online literary journal Omnium Gatherum Quarterly, maintaining several Facebook alumni groups, and publication of an annual poetry anthology, Written Here: The Community of Writers Poetry Anthology. The Community of Writers has two, week-long summer writing workshops: Poetry and Writers Workshops. Regular morning workshops, staff readings, craft talks, panel discussions on writing and editing, as well as individual conferences are offered during the week. Donations can be directed to particular programs' Scholarship Funds which pay for tuition, or can be directed to general operations for specific programs.


The mission of the Community of Writers is to assist talented writers with diverse cultural perspectives to achieve their goals. Through the interplay of talented participants, professionals, and established writers in a community atmosphere, prose writers are assisted in their journeys from writers to authors, and poets to achieve resonant frameworks for their collected words. CW serves California and the country as a literary center for the craft of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.


Operating Funds ($20,000): The cost to run the summer writing workshops has escalated in recent years as the Squaw Valley Ski resort has become a year-round destination. An increase of $25,000 in operating funds would help offset the need to raise our tuition.

Student Scholarships/Financial Aid ($10,000): The Community of Writers is unique in the amount of financial aid offered to applicants. Every effort is made to meet the financial needs of the writers selected for admission into the conference.

Staff Honoraria: ($10,000): We would like to increase the current staff honoraria to reflect market rates and continue to attract a higher caliber of writer.

Board Members: The Community of Writers has an active board of 27 members. It is our goal to encourage community members who support literature and are actively working to increase funding for the arts to consider serving on the Board.

Support Staff ($10,000): The Community of Writers has become a year round endeavor, and the work load increases each year. We have recently added a Development and Alumni Relations position to help support the community.

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