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Transparency in giving

We believe in transparency around the costs of fundraising. That's why we don't hide the processing fee for credit card gifts, why we invite donors to add a little extra to their gifts to help offset the cost of the fee, and why we share more about exactly why this fee is necessary.

In order to offer and sustain GivingEdge — and Big Day of Giving, the annual giving event that it powers — a transaction fee of 5.2% is charged on every credit card donation made using our platform. To make your giving as convenient and impactful as possible, our team at the Sacramento Region Community Foundation has ensured this fee has not increased. The fee is broken down as follows:

  • 4.2%: Used directly to pay processing fees charged by credit card companies and to help cover the cost of maintaining and enhancing this secure technology platform, making it possible for area donors to discover and support multiple organizations in one simple transaction. The Sacramento Region Community Foundation does not determine this amount.
  • 1.0%: Used by the Sacramento Region Community Foundation to sustain GivingEdge and Big Day of Giving, this portion is invested directly into local nonprofits:
    • Expanding the way we grow giving through our philanthropy initiative, including managing the year-round effort to coordinate Big Day of Giving.
    • Providing programs and resources to assist area organizations as they enhance their work, collaborate with each other, and strengthen the impact of the entire sector in our community.

When you make a donation on GivingEdge, you can elect to help cover the fee. During our last giving event, 87% of donors helped cover the fee for the nonprofit(s) they supported. We thank them for their generosity!

Why is a fee charged?

No fundraising effort is free, unfortunately, which is why we provide transparency around fees and give donors the option to offset them. The fee makes it possible to provide this website — a secure and convenient way for for local donors and nonprofits to engage — and for the Sacramento Region Community Foundation to coordinate Big Day of Giving. 

Has the fee changed?

The last time the GivingEdge fee changed was in 2017, when we lowered it. We don't like fees either! Even as the costs of fundraising (and everything else) rise, our team takes pains to keep GivingEdge fees low, so giving to local nonprofits can be as easy and impactful as possible for area donors.

How does offsetting the fee work?

If you choose to offset the fee, your donation will increase by 5.2%. (For example, if you make a $100 gift and opt to offset the fee, your total donation will be $105.20.) Note that your entire contribution amount is tax-deductible, including the processing fee. 

Have more questions? Please refer to the GivingEdge Donor Resources & FAQ and our Nonprofit Resources & FAQ.

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