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At the Sacramento Region Community Foundation, we work with local nonprofits and the caring people who support them. Over the years, we've seen the impact of generous people — like you! — making a difference in our community in partnership with local organizations, and we encourage you to browse our tips below and get involved. 

Every day is a good day to give back! Please mark your calendar for the next Big Day of Giving — our community's annual day of celebrating local nonprofits, together — on Thursday, May 2, 2024, right here on GivingEdge. You can register to receive an email or text reminder on the Foundation's website. 


Generosity takes many forms. In addition to making financial contributions to the causes you love, you can make a difference in our community by volunteering, donating goods or extra supplies, and even reaching out to your neighbors to share gratitude and grow the giving spirit.

It's so simple and so meaningful. When you share with your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors why you care for local nonprofits and their work, you make a difference. Give your favorite causes a shout-out on social media (share their posts or tag them!), in conversations with friends, and — why not?! — around the dinner table with family. When you do, you invite others to think about good causes and plant the seed that they can get involved, too.

Need ideas? Here are some sample posts that you can share on social media:

  • Giving back to help others is important to me. [Nonprofit] is a cause that's close to my heart, because [reasons]. I encourage you to think about the causes that matter to you and your loved ones, and share them, too!
  • Let's spread generosity! [Nonprofit] is a cause that's close to my heart, because [reasons]. I challenge [tag your friends] to share what causes they care about next!

Another idea we love is to center conversations with family, friends, and loved ones around generosity. Consider these sample conversation starters for your next gathering, group chat, book club, and more:

  • What cause is close to your heart? Do you have a lifelong love for a particular cause? Have you been introduced to new causes recently?

  • What's your earliest memory of volunteering? 

  • Do you remember the first donation you ever made? What did it support?

  • What does "generosity" mean to you? Who's modeled that behavior in your life? Who inspires you to live with a generous spirit?

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