About Big Day of Giving


What is Big Day of Giving? 

A program of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation's initiative to grow local philanthropy, Big Day of Giving is a 24-hour online giving challenge that brings together the region's nonprofit community to help raise much needed unrestricted funds and shine a spotlight on the work nonprofits do to make the Sacramento region the place we call home. For the past few years,the giving day has united our community, raising more than $23 million for local nonprofits from over 36,000 donors from all over the region, the state, the country, and the world.

The Big Day of Giving is a small moment in time each year when this region takes a day to celebrate the spirit of giving.   While the day itself is just 24 hours, the nine months prior to the day are just as important and we look forward to making this a year-round experience. Bigdayofgiving.org houses both year-round giving as well as the one-day giving event. Donors will be able to learn about local nonprofits and make donations year-round as well as participate in the 24-hour giving frenzy once a year during Big Day of Giving. Our goal is to bring donors and nonprofits together for a meaningful experience that lasts well beyond those 24-hours.  

The Big Day of Giving and GivingEdge could not happen without the outpouring of support from the region. Every year, dozens of corporations, businesses, funders, media outlets,  civic organizations, and leaders rally to help spread the word, sponsor prizes and engage with nonprofit partners. We are so thankful for the enormous support given to this event and its mission. 


Big Day of Giving Through the Years 

 Each year, the BDOG team at Sacramento Region Community Foundation analyzes the mountain of data collected through surveys, focus groups, and the giving platform and product a report that provides insights into the day and all of its components. 

2013: Arts Day of Giving Report to the Community

2014: Big Day of Giving Report to the Community

2015: Big Day of Giving Report to the Community

2016: Big Day of Giving Post Event Report

2017: Big Day of Giving Report to the Community