What is Big Day of Giving? 

A program of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation's initiative to grow local philanthropy, Big Day of Giving is a 24-hour online giving challenge that brings together the region's nonprofit community to help raise much needed unrestricted funds and shine a spotlight on the work nonprofits do to make the Sacramento region the place we call home. For the past few years,the giving day has united our community, raising more than $16 million for local nonprofits from over 36,000 donors from all over the region, the state, the country, and the world.

The Big Day of Giving is a small moment in time each year when this region takes a day to celebrate the spirit of giving.   Even with the technology challenges during the 2016 event, donors found a way to make their donations and the nonprofits were still given a platform to shine.  While the day itself is just 24 hours, the nine months prior to the day are just as important and we look forward to making this a year-round experience. Our new BIG Day of Giving website will house both year-round giving as well as the one-day giving event. Donors will be able to learn about local nonprofits and make donations year-round as well as participate in the 24-hour giving frenzy once a year during Big Day of Giving. Our goal is to bring donors and nonprofits together for a meaningful experience that lasts well beyond those 24-hours.  

The Big Day of Giving and GivingEdge could not happen without the outpouring of support from the region. Every year, dozens of corporations, businesses, funders, media outlets,  civic organizations, and leaders rally to help spread the word, sponsor prizes and engage with nonprofit partners. We are so thankful for the enormous support given to this event and its mission. 

Big Day of Giving and GivingEdge Together at Last! 

Big Day of Giving is a 24-hour online giving challenge that brings together the region's nonprofit community to help raise much needed unrestricted funds and shine a spotlight on the work nonprofits do to make the Sacramento region the place we call home. GivingEdge is the region's local source for comprehensive nonprofit information and year-round giving.

For the past few years, the Big Day of Giving and GivingEdge have worked in unison to unite our community, raising more than $16 million for local nonprofits and providing donors the opportunity to learn more about the causes they care about. These two resources are now here in one convenient location, giving donors a one stop shop for learning and giving!

Big Day of Giving is an opportunity for donors to show their community pride and support the nonprofits that make our region great, and it is also a year-long capacity building program that helps local nonprofits hone their skills in marketing, social media, and board and donor engagement. Each time a participating nonprofit puts these skills to work throughout the year, we consider Big Day of Giving a success!


Big Day of Giving FAQ:

Why is Big Day of Giving a good opportunity for our community?
The nonprofit sector is the heart and soul of the region, enriching our community in immeasurable ways. Our four county region includes many incredible organizations that are doing extraordinary things. The Big Day of Giving is a unique opportunity for the public to learn about their work, how they are contributing to our community and their chance to say thank you by making a donation. Big Day of Giving is a time-limited donation period designed to expand and increase giving to local nonprofits that provide vital services that help to sustain our community. Since 2013, our region has shown tremendous support raising over $16 million. On May 4th, 2017 we are confident that our community will rally and once again prove its generous spirit!

Who can participate?


The registration process begins 10 months prior to Big Day of Giving. Nonprofit organizations must complete a series of requirements with strict deadlines to participate. A full list of eligibility and requirements for participation are located at sacregcf.org

This event is open to the public. Anyone who wishes to participate will be able to make a secure donation by debit or credit card on www.bigdayofgiving.org

Where is Big Day of Giving taking place?
Big Day of Giving is an online event where most of the activity will take place via our Big Day of Giving website. News and updates will be posted regularly to social media sites. Within the time frame of the event, credit card donations may be made at your convenience via the Big Day of Giving donation website. Many participating organizations will be holding events. To find an event, visit the events page.

How does it work?

Any individual or business may donate. All donations must be made via debit or credit card through the BIG Day of Giving website. If you would like to give by other means, please contact the nonprofit directly. NOTE: If you have a fund at the Sacramento Region Community Foundation or the Yolo Community Foundation, you may make a grant through your fund. Please contact your Community Foundation for more details. 

  • All donations are tax deductible and irrevocable (donations will not be refunded) and will be for the unrestricted use of your chosen charity.
  • Minimum gift: $15
  • Some nonprofits may also have matching funds available! Check the nonprofit's donation page to see if your gift can be matched. 

What are Prize Challenges?
Challenges are a fun way for organizations to compete for additional dollars. By making a donation with your credit card to an organization on May 4th, you help nonprofits compete for these prizes. For a full list of challenges and prize rules, visit the Prizes page. Will I receive a receipt?
Yes! You will automatically receive an on-screen acknowledgment and an e-mailed receipt for your 100% tax deductible donation.

What methods of payment are accepted?
Credit card donations using Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express will be accepted on Big Day of Giving website through bigdayofgiving.org.

I'm having trouble accessing the website. Is it my browser?
It might be! Bigdayofgiving.org can be accessed using one of the following browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE11, iPhone/iPad IOS 7+ and Android. If you use Internet Explorer, please make sure you are using a version that is 10 or higher.    

Can I give to multiple organizations?

Yes, select organizations and add them to your “donation cart”. You can add as many donations as you’d like and enter your credit card information once. Simply click the “add more nonprofits” button! When you’re finished adding donations, click “checkout” and enter your credit card information once.

Should I create an account or check out as a “guest”?

By creating an account, you will be able to access your giving history or resend a receipt all year-round! During Big Day of Giving, you may bypass this section, but we encourage you to take advantage of this feature!

I scheduled a donation before May 4th. When will my credit card be charged?

Thank you for scheduling a donation! Scheduled donations will process on May 4th during the first few hours of the event. Once your scheduled gift is processed, you will receive an emailed tax receipt.  If you need to edit or remove your scheduled gift, you may do so by using you log in information that you created when scheduling your gift.

What does the "Reviewed by Community Foundation" icon on the profiles mean?

When an organization completes a profile, the information is reviewed for accuracy by the foundation. If a profile shows a "reviewed" icon, it means that it has passed our review process and the information is current. Nonprofits are required to update their profiles annually in order to keep their "reviewed" status.  

The reviewed icon is not an endorsement or accreditation of a nonprofit. Big Day of Giving and the Sacramento Region Community Foundation cannot guarantee the accuracy of data provided by the nonprofit or guarantee they are in compliance with all state and federal requirements. However, we seek to include the most accurate data available through document verification and a due diligence process to verify their exempt status as a 501 c3 nonprofit organization.