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Champion your favorite cause!

When you create a fundraising page to support your favorite cause, you're going the extra mile to make a difference in your community. Not only are you helping support the mission of your favorite organization, but you are also inspiring others to give and — together — create a more vibrant Sacramento region! You can learn about creating fundraising pages from our technology provider.


Creating a fundraiser is as easy as:



Find the organization you'd like to support and click the Fundraise button on its profile.



Use GivingEdge to create your fundraising page, complete with your story and goal.



Ask your friends and family to donate to your page during the giving window you choose.



Fundraising pages are accessible year-round, but only gifts made during the Big Day of Giving donation window count toward a nonprofit's Big Day of Giving total.


Create Your Fundraiser

You can create a fundraiser for any nonprofit on this website by clicking the "Fundraise" button on its profile or by clicking the button below and entering the name of the nonprofit when prompted. If you don't already have a GivingEdge account, you'll be prompted to create one.  



Three Ways To Fundraise


Personal Fundraising Page

The most common option, a personal fundraising page is a simple solution for individuals who wish to fundraise to benefit one nonprofit that they champion strongly.


Team Fundraising Page

A fun choice for groups whose members would like to inspire friendly competition between their fundraising pages with a leaderboard that tallies progress toward shared and individual goals.


Group Fundraising Page

For groups that would like to encourage their broad audiences to donate and tally progress toward a shared goal, without the competitive element of a Team Fundraising Page.



How to Be a Fundraiser

Customize your fundraising page by clicking the icons next to each editable segment and in the in the dashboard on the left-hand side of your screen. While there are many ways to customize your fundraising page, only a few fields are required:

  • Title: A few words that make clear what your fundraiser is all about.
  • Image/Video: The “face” of your fundraiser. Use a clear image uploaded from your computer or mobile device, or import from Facebook. 
  • Description: Share why you care about the organization you're supporting and why people should donate to your campaign. You can add photos and videos here, too.
  • Duration: This tool tells donors how long they have to donate until the campaign ends. This is simply a visual tool; once your fundraiser hits its end date, your campaign will continue. Keep in mind that only donations made during the Big Day of Giving donation window (April 18 through May 2) will count toward your nonprofit's Big Day of Giving total.

The following elements are not required to publish your fundraising page, but can help increase your fundraising page's success:

  • Funding Goal: Add a goal to your page and inspire your networks to give to help you achieve it!
  • Short Story: When you share your fundraiser on social media, this summary will display.
  • Updates: Updates are a great way to share news about your campaign, thank your donors for helping you hit a milestone, and keep the people who’ve already supported you engaged in your campaign. 


Are you more of a visual learner? Check out the Foundation's video tutorial on how to create a fundraising page!

This video was created for Big Day of Giving, but its instructions are applicable year-round.


It's important to share you fundraising page with your friends and family on social media, by text message, or email. You can personalize the sample messages below and include the URL of your fundraising page. 

Message #1

"[Organization] is a cause that’s close to my heart because [reasons] — and that's why I am raising [goal] to support their work in our community. Will you join me? Please make a gift to my fundraising page at [fundraising page URL] before [last day]. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference!"

Message #2

[Cause] is really important to me. Please help me support [organization] work by making a gift to my fundraising page at [URL] before [last day]. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference!"


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