Give donations a boost!

Each time you make a donation during Big Day of Giving on May 2, your gifts can be boosted by prizes! The team behind Big Day of Giving at the Sacramento Region Community Foundation will award up to $100,000 on May 2, all made possible by the continued support of our lead sponsor, Western Health Advantage.





Booster Prizes

We'll randomly select donations throughout Big Day of Giving to boost with extra love. 

Every gift you make on May 2 has the chance to get a boost from $50 to $750 ... and one random donation will receive a

 ⭐ $5,000 Mega Boost! ⭐


Spread Generosity

Help your favorite nonprofit win $750! 

Decorate your front windows, yard, or porch to promote generosity. Share your creations as a public post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter by tagging @bigdayofgiving and using the hashtags #bdog2024 and #spreadgenerosity, then submit your entry before Wednesday, May 1. Judges will select four winners, who will award $750 to the nonprofits of their choice!


Hourly Donor Challenge 

We'll award $500 every hour on May 2 to the nonprofit that had the most unique donors during that hour.


Midnight Madness 

Five donations that are made within the first 10 minutes of Big Day of Giving (12-12:10 a.m. on May 2) and five within the last 10 minutes (11:50-11:59 p.m.) will be selected at random to receive $500 boosts!


Newbie Prize

Five nonprofits that are participating in Big Day of Giving for the first time will be selected at random to receive $500 boosts!


Business Partnership Challenge 

We'll award three prizes to organizations with the strongest Big Day of Giving business partnerships! A strong business partnership can take many shapes, so we encourage nonprofits to make compelling cases. The partnership must be between a participating nonprofit and a for-profit business, and the partnership should be related to the nonprofit's BDOG2024 participation! Judges will award $1,000 to three organizations. Entries must be submitted by midnight on April 30.


100% Board Giving Challenge 

We'll award $2,000 at random to six organizations that receive gifts from 100% of the members of their Boards of Directors. Donations may be made anytime during the giving window, April 18 through May 2, and they can be either offline or online gifts. After you've received donations from all board members, please complete and submit your entry by midnight on May 2. We trust that if you submit an entry for this prize, you've met all the required qualifications.


Get Engaged Prize 

We'll award $500 at random to 10 organizations that had at least one representative attend at least four Big Day of Giving 2024 activities prior to May 2 — trainings, networking events, Mentor Coffee Chats, GivingEdge Office Hours, and more! The attended activities can be in person, virtual, or recordings of an event. After your organization's representative(s) have attended four events, submit your entry by midnight on April 30. We trust that if you submit an entry for this prize, you've met all the required qualifications.


916 Prize

Honoring one of the primary area codes in the Sacramento region!

At 9:16 a.m. and 9:16 p.m., we'll randomly award $500 prizes to boost donors' gifts. This prize is inspired by our partners at Sacramento Republic FC. 


Prize Rules

If you have questions about the prize challenges that aren't answered below, please email us.

  1. Only gifts made with a credit card or through a bank account at on Thursday, May 2 are eligible for prize challenges, unless otherwise noted in the prize description. Gifts made to organizations through Donor Advised Funds at the Sacramento Region Community Foundation and/or Yolo Community Foundation, offline gifts, and early gifts will reflect in leaderboard totals but do not count toward prize challenges unless otherwise noted.
  2. A unique donor is defined as one donation from one donor.
  3. Prize challenges are subject to change, and all announced prizes are subject to verification. 

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