Friends of Auburn Library

The Ladies of the Auburn Library Association formed in the late 1800's and published and sold the "Little Gem Cookbook" to raise funds for the first Auburn Library. This group was active off and on, becoming Friends of Auburn-Placer County Library in the 1950's. Since then we have become Friends of Auburn Library.


Volunteering to maintain an association promoting library resources; encouraging gifts of service, collections, endowments, and bequests; and providing community enrichment and online services.


Library Circulation Materials: "Lucky Day" books are the current top sellers and library patrons are always delighted to see them front and forward in the Library. Children's books that satisfy school assignments (i.e. for research or for book reports) are very popular and in high demand. Picture books for the youngest of our patrons start our community off with a desire for books at a very young age. Big Day of Giving funds help purchase additional books for the Library.

CDs: Audio books and CDs are very much in demand, not only by our commuting patrons but by many book lovers who devour their books by listening to them on audio books and CDs. Big Day of Giving funds help broaden the library's CD choices.

eBooks: Kindle, iPad, and even smart phone have become a "book" to lots of our Library patrons. Readers love being able to download their choices right to their own personal device and have that book at their fingertip no matter where they are. Big Day of Giving funds enable the Library to access more eBook materials.

Research Materials: Our Library is used by many community members to research information for projects, books they are writing, and to satisfy curiosity over a wide variety of subjects. Additional research documents bought by Big Day of Giving funds will add to the Library's current offerings.

DVDs: Even with Netflix, Prime and Hulu, DVDs are still popular. From popular movies to children's programming and "how-to" videos, our Library patrons still enjoy the availability of DVDs in our Library. Big Day of Giving funds will enable the library to supplement the current selection.

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Friends of Auburn Library

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