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Did you know that your zip code is a better predictor of your health than your genetic code? Research tells us that your neighborhood matters to your health!

For over 28 years, the Health Education has fought the causes of early death in Sacramento's under-served communities by bringing people together to improve health and transform neighborhoods. We do not come in and just fix problems; rather we empower the neighborhood problem solvers who already live right there.

Sacramento's neighborhood problem solvers come in many forms like the woman who got the city to fix the poor lighting and broken sidewalks at her local park; the corner store owner who learned how to make a profit selling healthy food instead of liquor; and the church pastor who started a youth job program at his church.

At the Health Education Council, we believe good health and well-being don't happen in isolation; rather, we are all at our healthiest when surrounded by thriving families, communities, schools and businesses. Although COVID-19 has tested us all, at HEC we know that now more than ever we need each other to thrive.

A donation from YOU will equip a neighborhood resident with the skills, resources and support they need to fix their community's most pressing problems.


The Health Education Council (HEC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating health and well-being in the Sacramento region's under-served communities by leveraging the power of collaboration.


Increased Youth Mentoring for At-risk Youth - Violence prevention services and mentoring for youth in the Sacramento County Juvenile Detention Facility as well as for youth in neighborhoods hard hit by crime and poverty. Youth learn anger management strategies and receive help healing from past trauma. Youth also receive help from adult mentors who guide youth in the development of Life Maps which outline personal, education and job goals.

Increased Mental Health Counseling for Low-income Families - In-person and virtual mental health screenings, counseling and referrals. Services are available in both English and Spanish.

Emergency Food Access - HEC works with local restaurants and food banks to bring fresh, free food to families and seniors experiencing food insecurity due to COVID-19.

COVID 19 Text Line - 24 hour assistance in Spanish, helping residents locate free COVID 19 testing and vaccination clinics as well as flu shot clinics in their county.

Financial Coaching for Small Businesses - In-person and virtual coaching in English and Spanish for small business owners looking to strengthen their businesses impacted by COVID-19.

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Health Education Council

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$1,000,001-$5 million

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3950 Industrial Blvd. Suite 600
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