St. Vincent de Paul Society Sacramento Council

In the spirit of love and justice, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Sacramento Diocesan Council provides help to our neighbors in need through person-to-person service. Our organization, through a network of charity, provides help to those who live in poverty and struggle to make ends meet. No charity is foreign to the Society. #HelpUsHelpOthers

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Address: 608 University Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95825
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Judy Dietlien
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 916-955-6758
The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP) is an international, non-profit Catholic lay organization that provides social services to people in need. The Society derives its inspiration from the philosophy and works of its patron saint model, St. Vincent de Paul. The Society, whose members are known as "Vincentians," has over 1 million members in over 140 countries throughout the world. Following the inspiration and traditions of Frederic Ozanam, the principal founder of the Society, we serve anyone in need. The SVdP Sacramento Diocesan Council (Sacramento Council) covers 40,000 square miles with over 50 Conferences and more than 900 volunteers. All officers and board members are volunteer. We have no paid staff, except those who are employed through our Thrift Store.
SVdP Sacramento Council provides direct assistance to a community's most vulnerable residents - those who live in poverty and those who are struggling to make ends meet. Our goal is to help them meet basic needs, build self-sufficiency, and ultimately break the cycle of poverty. We provide one-on-one service through our home visitation program, visiting people in their homes to provide neighbor-to-neighbor contact while learning the true extent of their needs as we work with our neighbors to help them.
Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Unrestricted - Every donation we receive helps us to expand our network of charity to serve those in need. Donations of unrestricted funds allows us to promote the expansion of SVdP Council service programs (e.g., home visitation, thrift store, refugee assistance, disaster relief) and to direct financial assistance and/or training and support to our conferences. These donations will support and strengthen our SVdP Council operations, which we manage on a volunteer model. With the exception of our Thrift Store employees, no officer, board member, or other service providers receive compensation for this charity work. At present, we have no paid administrative staff.
  2. Funding: Program - As the need for assistance continues, despite the improved economy, we are growing our innovate programs in response. Our programming includes our Home Visitation program, Thrift Store operation (including our mattress program) and Resource Center. We are also active with programs for refugee assistance, prison transition, and disaster relief.
  3. In-Kind Donations - Each year in the northern California area, from Benicia to the Oregon boarder, the the SVdP Sacramento Council, through its over 50 local conferences, serves almost a quarter of a million people in need. Food, clothing, housing, or whatever is needed and within our means to meet. Our efforts reach only a fraction of those in poverty in our communities. As we seek to expand our charitable services, we know that we can only help others with your help.
  4. Volunteers - With the exception of our Thrift Store, which is a work opportunity program, SVdP Sacramento Council is a wholly volunteer organization. We operate our programs 100% through the help of our unpaid members, associates and volunteers. Volunteerism is at the core of our mission to serve those in need and we have an ongoing "invitation to serve" to anyone who want to support our mission. We need and seek volunteers in all areas related to our mission to charity.
  5. Other - Please Describe - The SVdP Sacramento Council seeks pro bono, volunteer assistance with administrative projects, including, but not limited to, strategic and long-term planning, fundraising, and business management.
In the spirit of love and justice, the SVdP Sacramento Council, with its seven geographic districts and over 50 conferences throughout the greater Sacramento region and northern California, provides charity, through person-to-person service, to help our our neighbors in need. Our SVdP network of charity provides direct, personal assistance to the community's most vulnerable residents-those who live in poverty and those who are struggling to make ends meet. The Sacramento Council provides leadership, technical assistance, management training and resource development for its members and associates. The Sacramento Council seeks to develop and promote innovative strategies that address human needs and social justice. Through its home visitation program, the Society serves in hope to end poverty in America, especially homelessness. Paul Starkey -- Board Member, Immediate Past President, Sacramento Diocesan Council