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Ohana Dance Group has been involved in multiple outreach activities and efforts to correct misconceptions, dispel stereotypes and bring correct traditions to the community-at-large by weaving traditions, history and culture into teachings and performances. ODG outreach activities to youth stress the importance of ethnic pride, especially in Hawaiian and other minority groups. Family values are stressed with an emphasis on positive self image and belief in oneself. Scholarships are provided to youth who are active in perpetuating the values of the Hawaiian culture. ODG strives to motivate students to continue their study of traditions, chants, and dances of Hawai'i. In this way youth are encouraged to become socially confident, leading to self reliance, self confidence and self sufficiency.

Currently, the Hawaiian culture is a small community of people that either have a connection to the Hawaiian Islands or have located hula independently. We would like to expand the availability of Hawaiian culture to communities that are unable to afford the classes and/or workshops currently provided. It is important to expand the understanding of the Hawaiian culture as it represents an indigenous people often misconceptualized. We attempt to dispel the misconception through community performances and often have community members inquire about classes, only to be deferred by costs. The project would provide the communities with free opportunities to learn about the Hawaiian history and culture through dance and workshops not otherwise available to them. The advertisement would be shared at schools serving underserved children and libraries in underserved communities, to provide them opportunities to learn at no expense. We would like to serve as many community members in learning about the culture and history as possible. We serve all ages in expanding the understanding of the Hawaiian culture and give them an opportunity to share their learning through a free and low cost community performances.


The Ohana Dance Group (ODG)'s mission is to share the stories and spirituality of the islands and its people through hula traditions and dances. It seeks to teach its students about the people, places, events, emotions, legends, traditions, values, and protocols that make up the Hawaiian culture. Its goal is to make available an enjoyable cultural activity through traditional hula classes and related activities, and to share the knowledge with the community.


The program provided to the community needs funds to supplement rent for the space Ohana Dance Group uses to educate community members, conduct business needs, hold community events and store Hawaiian costuming.

Ohana Dance Group has recently started providing learning opportunities online through the Zoom application and social media platforms. These methods require internet, a device to interact with online users, and the online platform program expenses. Donations support the program in paying for these needs.

The program provided to the community requires maintenance of costuming at a level of quality that is respectful of the information and culture presented. In order to keep expenses low for the community donations are used to update the costuming.

Funds are also needed to provide the program teachers and leaders for the classes. We have a group of dancers that teach the classes. For the teachers' time we provide a small stipend. We also bring in specialized teachers in the culture and pay them to provide workshops for community members.

To improve the ability to connect with the community we spend funds on public advertising of our classes and opportunities to have our organization share with their programs.

All members of the Hālau(Hawaiian School) are volunteers. We require volunteers to lead and support each of the classes and as part of the board of directors.

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