HomeAid Sacramento

Building new lives for Sacramento's homeless families and individuals through housing development, advocacy, and community outreach.

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Address: 1536 Eureka Road
Roseville, CA 95661
County or Parish: Placer County
Primary NTEE: Housing, Shelter 
Sub NTEE: Management & Technical Assistance  
Executive Director: Beth Kang
Contact Email: Rachele@homeaidsac.org
Primary Phone: 916-751-2743
Website: http://www.homeaidsac.org
In the mission of providing shelter to the homeless, over the past 20 years, throughout the Sacramento region, no other charitable organization has measured more of a positive impact than HomeAid Sacramento.

We are HomeAid Sacramento, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and we bring together building industry professionals to construct, renovate, and expand dignified emergency and transitional shelter housing. Much of this project work is donated or delivered below cost for the ultimate benefit of homeless families, women, children and veterans. HomeAid does not manage the day-to-day operations of the shelters that we build and renovate. Rather, these facilities are managed by select non-profit partners who request our assistance and expertise.

Founded in Sacramento in 1996, HomeAid Sacramento is one of 17 local chapters throughout the U.S. operating under a benevolent and innovative model that was pioneered a decade earlier by HomeAid America. Recognizing the urgent needs, the home building industry has embraced the opportunity to give back to their local communities by doing what they do best - building and improving homes for people.

Through our unique relationship with the North State Building Industry Association (NSBIA), HomeAid Sacramento connects and leverages the skills and generosity of builders and tradesmen, as well as materials, donors, and volunteers. Our vision is to end homelessness as we know it. While work continues, to date HomeAid Sacramento has:
- Added over 1,200 beds to the Sacramento area homeless community,
- Built more than $16.2 million worth of shelters, classrooms, life skills, and job training facilities, and
- Donated over $7.4 million in labor and materials for building and remodeling projects for foster youth, area homeless, veterans, and domestic violence shelters.
- Served over 10,000 homeless individuals.

HomeAid Sacramento supporters have donated over $7.0 million in labor and materials for building and remodeling facilities that serve homeless families and individuals.
Every month, more than 250 families are turned away from the safety of a shelter in our region. Nationally, the average age of a homeless person today is 9 years old.
Meanwhile, we are witnessing the network of non-profit shelter providers we support struggle to meet their own operational needs. This also means that there is even less funding available to make much needed repairs and improvements. Unfortunately, we do not see this trend changing. While these organizations continue to face financial challenges, the needs continue for repairs or improvements. Only a small percentage of the organizations that submit requests to HomeAid for construction services have any funding set aside to pay for repairs. With your support, our nimble team is able to maximize resources from homebuilders, contractors, and suppliers. For every dollar you contribute, HomeAid Sacramento is able to deliver more than three dollars of value through additional in-kind labor and material donations.
Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Unrestricted - Contributions to our mission are paramount to building second chances.
  2. Furniture - Our shelter partners are in desperate need of new or gently used furniture.
  3. Volunteers - For our "Painting a Better Tomorrow" projects, care days, and for events.
  4. In-Kind Donations - Companies, organizations or individuals to solicit contributions for our November - December - Spread the Warmth Blanket Drive.
  5. Funding: Program - Financial contributions for our HomeAid CARES.
HomeAid is the leading builder and renovator of emergency and transitional shelter housing in the Sacramento Region. Through building industry partners and contributors, at the request of our non-profit shelter partners, we are able to harness the resources necessary to ensure dignified housing that is delivered at or below cost.

Our non-profit partners tell us that, without HomeAid assistance and resources, many would not have the means necessary to ensure the safe and dignified shelter they provide to people in need. One such individual, a young mother named Michelle, left an abusive relationship with her four children, seeking safe refuge with a HomeAid non-profit partner. Michelle and her children found much more than just meals and beds.

Together with her children, Michelle found the keys to a better life. Today, she is a professional cook with a full time job, independently providing for her children. She is now also a mentor to other women seeking inspiration. Hers is a remarkable testament to kindness and generosity of our community and a reminder that shelter to begin anew begins with the physical shelters.

HomeAid is proud of our proven ability to maximize every dollar you contribute to help individuals like Michelle and her children. Together, with your support, we can leverage the skills and donations of generous builders and the community at large to keep the facilities safe and allow our non-profit partners to focus on people and programs. Please give as generously as you can. Invest in your community and make yours a stretch donation, or consider scheduling a recurring donation.

You can help make an impact, and we will keep you informed of the progress being made on your behalf. You will be glad you did. We GUARANTEE a high return on your investment - and a warm feeling in your heart.

-Beth Kang, Executive Director