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Help SVdP Roseville launch this urgently needed program for Seniors in Crisis


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As we all know, the costs of goods and services

have risen to the point that, even for households

with two incomes, providing all the essentials

can be a struggle. Imagine, like many of our area’s

Seniors, your household income is only $1500 to

$2300 per month, and a portion of that goes to

rent, utilities, and medications. There is not a lot

left for anything else.

Many Seniors have health conditions, and it only

takes one medical crisis to make rent past due or

force a senior household into choosing medication

over food. In some cases, no family members or

friends can help out.

This is why we at St. Vincent de Paul are launching

our Seniors in Crisis Program for Seniors in

dire need of assistance. With your help, we can

improve the lives of struggling Seniors.

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