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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Spero Medical: A Pregnancy Resource Center
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Help women facing unplanned pregnancy find empowering and life-affirming resources and support.


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Please help me raise funds for Spero Medical: A Pregnancy Resource Center so that women facing an unplanned or unsupported pregnancy can find hope in a difficult situation. Spero's mission is to empower women facing an unplanned or unsupported pregnancy to see hope in their situation and to understand that carrying a baby to term is a possible and positive path forward. They provide medical, educational, practical and spiritual resources free-of-charge. Learn more at their Big Day of Giving website.

Spero Medical's goal for Big Day of Giving is to raise $25,000 which will fully fund for one year efforts to reach more abortion-vulnerable women. Will you join with me in my goal of raising $1,000 for this important cause?

Keep reading to learn why this campaign is SO IMPORTANT!

When a woman is pregnant and it's not part of her plan or she doesn't have support of the father or friends and family, she might feel scared, alone and overwhelmed.  She might think that an abortion is the only "choice" she has. 

These days, when you need to find information or resources, you "Google it."  Unfortunately, finding things on Google often depends on who is paying for ads. Search algorithms are not neutral, and women searching for information related to an unplanned pregnancy will usually see ads from well-funded abortion providers before they find non-profit pregnancy resource centers like Spero Medical. Looking for help and information, a woman might find herself carried along into a decision without ever having a conversation about alternatives to abortion.

In order to be discoverable in search results, Spero Medical made a major investment in its online presence and digital strategies in 2023, including purchasing paid search ads and adding a real-time chat tool that allows women to connect in real time with a nurse or client advocate when they reach out. 

The results have been dramatic. Spero's nurses and volunteers are having more hope-giving conversations than ever before. In six months, Spero increased the number of contacts with abortion-minded women by tenfold. That resulted in a doubling of the number of individual clients Spero served in the office. 

These tools really work! They further the mission of Spero Medical - making it possible for women facing an unplanned pregnancy to see hope in her situation and to understand that carrying the baby to term is a possible and positive path forward. 

Please help me help Spero Medical in this Big Day of Giving Fundraiser, so they can continue to reach more women at their point of need!

The following client’s story is typical of many women who found hope because Spero Medical popped up in their search results.

"I was young, single, and financially unstable; seeing a positive home pregnancy test was definitely not reassuring. There was no way I could handle a pregnancy with the way my life was going. I knew I needed to act quickly, and I did. Thanks to a simple internet search on my cell phone, I could solve this problem easily. I googled “abortion pill.”

I clicked on one of the first online ads that popped up: Spero Medical. “This should work,” I thought, “They're all the same.” Along with a link to click on the website, there was a link to “chat” with a live nurse to explain my situation. I clicked on the link. The nurse said that I could come in for a free medically verified pregnancy test and a free ultrasound. That sounded perfect, so I made an appointment.

My boyfriend and I arrived at the office feeling especially anxious. Our plan was to get the pregnancy test, but the next steps were uncertain. As expected, the test was positive. What we didn’t expect was seeing and hearing our baby’s heartbeat during the ultrasound. We couldn’t believe it! We were no longer uncertain; we knew we wanted to continue the pregnancy. 

Spero Medical was going to provide much needed help throughout the pregnancy and support long after the baby was born. I knew then that we could do this. That we were not alone. One click made it possible."

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