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You and I - we both know this is not the way to be yeeted from existence. Please donate. Thank you!


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I need you! The planet needs you! Again and again and again. I know I ask every year - sometimes multiple times a year! But it's because I believe in the important climate action that this local (and primarily volunteer-run) nonprofit organization has taken upon itself to save the planet. We've got volunteers doing the least sexy but most critical policy work regarding the best Climate Action Plan for the City of Sacramento. We've got volunteers pushing SMUD to be even better and more aggressive towards its future sustainability goals. And we've got several other volunteers engaging in various other climate-related projects. 

But we absolutely need paid staff, among other things like funding for our Student Environmental Activist Training program, outreach activities, software subscriptions, etc. I've been volunteering with 350 Sacramento for over a decade now. We've grown so much and I'm so proud of our work, but there are certainly growing pains. Sometimes I feel this is becoming an unpaid side job lol To be clear, I don't need to get paid for this work. But as a dedicated volunteer, I could really use the support of dedicated staff. And I want them to get paid a livable wage! We all deserve that, in addition to a livable planet. So...

I am once again asking for your financial support. Please consider making a donation today. 🎉

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