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Sacramento’s Climate Movement


We believe in a world with a safe climate, where nature is respected and protected, and our social, political, and economic systems work for all people and the planet.

Who We Are

350 Sacramento is a grassroots environmental justice organization focused on collective action to create a safe global climate. With a small, dedicated staff and a large base of passionate volunteers, our team comprises a diverse range of backgrounds and talents, all working together toward a common goal: to reduce pollution, protect our communities, and create a more sustainable future.


Through advocacy, education, and the power of community, we pursue active solutions and policies that support a future where all people are free to breathe fresh air, access clean energy, and live in a safe, healthy environment.


Since our organization began in 2010, 350 Sacramento has worked diligently to facilitate community action and advocate for policies that will reduce pollution, protect our environment, and prioritize equitable, sustainable climate solutions. To effect change on a systemic level, we've focused on three primary areas: (1) Advocacy & Policy, (2) Education, and (3) Community.

Some recent achievements include:

  • Next Generation of Climate Leaders. The Student Environmental Activist Training (SEAT) is our signature youth education program that helps students in our community gain the skills and experience they need to pursue academic and professional careers in climate justice. In 2023, we worked with more than 30 participants, 15 of whom went on to become paid interns at 350 Sacramento. Our interns have initiated projects such as the school bus and building electrification plan and the Green Schools Action Coalition (GSAC), an inter-district coalition of students, teachers, and climate activists in the Sacramento area.
  • New & Improved Climate Action Plan (CAP). Following our ongoing scrutiny, analysis, and comments, the County of Sacramento is re-drafting its long-overdue Climate Action Plan. The County’s work plan indicates the next draft will address eight of our long-standing concerns. This is a major step toward ensuring the County will meet its obligations to reduce pollution and do its share to protect communities from the negative impacts of climate change.
  • Cleaner, Healthier Indoor Air. Our air filter project – which included construction workshops, DIY kit distribution, and community awareness events – has brought air filters to more than 600 local households in areas that are most affected by pollution. Residents are using these filters to help protect their homes, health, and families by improving indoor air quality.
  • Measure A Not Ok (2022). We worked alongside the “Measure A Not Ok” campaign – which included partners such as the League of Women Voters, Sierra Club, United Latinos, Sacramento Taxpayers Association, and dozens of other groups and grassroots organizations – to successfully defeat proposed legislation that would have had devastating effects on the local community and environment.
  • Zero Carbon by 2030 (2021). After years of our persistent advocacy, SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility District), approved a “Zero Carbon by 2030” plan, the most ambitious carbon reduction plan of any large utility in the nation.  
  • Sacramento Building Electrification Ordinance (2020+). As a result of our leadership and engagement with the Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change, the City of Sacramento passed an ordinance that requires all new buildings to be electric, with no natural gas (fossil fuel) infrastructure.  This is a critical first step in reducing carbon emissions from the built environment.

The climate justice movement is a team effort, and whether you volunteer, make a donation, or share our message, we truly appreciate your support. We are grateful to be part of this committed community of climate advocates and change-makers!

 “We must rise up and meet the greatest challenge of our lives with stubborn optimism.” 
– Xiye Bastida, Climate Justice Activist & Co-Founder (Re-Earth Initiative)


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Our primary purpose is to reduce pollution, protect our communities, and create a more sustainable future.

MISSION STATEMENT: 350 Sacramento is a local grassroots organization committed to equitable solutions that accelerate the transition to a sustainable future, with atmospheric carbon dioxide levels below 350 parts per million.


"We need joy as we need air. We need love as we need water. We need each other as we need the earth we share." - Maya Angelou

No matter our backgrounds or beliefs, we all yearn for a healthy life, a safe place to live, and a favorable future for ourselves and our loved ones. For too long, fossil fuel tycoons and the politicians they pay for have been trying to distract us with scapegoats and false promises, while they continue to pollute our planet for profit. 350 Sacramento and the communities we serve refuse to enable a system of endless exploitation. We are standing up for our future and freedom to breathe clean air and live healthy lives in a sustainable world.

As the greed-fueled climate crisis grows in severity year after year, we must increase the scale and speed of our response. Your donations will allow 350 Sacramento to do more and act faster. For Big Day of Giving in 2024, we hope to raise $10k to help us:

- Support and grow our advocacy, education, and community-based programs, which will strengthen our capabilities to achieve new climate victories.

- Build our campaigns and actions to ensure our leaders prioritize our Climate and Communities over bureaucratic slow-downs and “greenwashing” lobbyists.

- Fund the organizational costs of operations, which include everything from rental space to staffing to physical equipment to digital tools and more.

- Last, but certainly not least, we need volunteers to accelerate our efforts to create a healthy and safe community and world, with a special focus on future generations.

Equity Statement

Climate change disproportionately affects people of color, communities with lower incomes, and others from underrepresented and under-served communities, both locally and throughout the world. Climate justice, which recognizes that climate change is intertwined with other social struggles such as racism and economic inequality, is a central principle to our work and mission. Therefore, building a strong, diverse social movement is necessary to combat climate change, which is a significant and mounting threat to the survival of humanity and all other living beings.

We strive to make 350 Sacramento’s culture one of respect, empathy, collaboration, inclusion, and liberation for people of all races, ages, sexes, genders, abilities, and religions. We fight alongside the intersecting struggles for a more just, free, and sustainable society. We understand that we all have different backgrounds and life experiences, and give the benefit of the doubt that each member is doing their best to meet the moment, while being sensitive to environmental and social challenges. Consequently, we embrace opportunities to communicate and cultivate empathy, self-awareness, and restorative justice. We will continue to build our capacity to organize and co-power our diverse community to fulfill our mission.

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