Pence Gallery Association

The Pence Gallery's mission is to serve the community through displaying high caliber art exhibits by local and regional artists, supporting the development of local artists, and offering educational programs for visitors of all ages.

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Address:212 D Street
Davis, CA 95616
County or Parish:Yolo County
Primary NTEE:Arts,Culture & Humanities 
Sub NTEE:Arts Education 
Executive Director:Natalie Nelson
Primary Phone:530-758-3370 x2
The Pence Gallery was founded in 1975 by a consortium of artists, University faculty, and community members in Davis, California and incorporated as a nonprofit shortly thereafter. The original building was the former office of Dr. Joe Pence, a colorful dentist with a strong interest in the arts. When Joe and Hazel Pence gifted the building and grounds to the City of Davis, this consortium petitioned the City for its use as a gallery. The original building was replaced by a two-story, three gallery facility in 2005, designed by San Francisco architects Wayne Barcelon and Darlene Jang. While the Pence is located on City-owned land, the Pence Gallery Association owns the building and is responsible for all expenses. The Pence serves as a forum for ideas related to the arts. Located in downtown Davis, we serve over 21,000 visitors annually, and provide opportunities for adults, children, and youth to learn about art processes and media. Through art classes and lectures, we provide visitors throughout Yolo, Sacramento, and Solano counties access to hear and learn from established local and regional artists. Our volunteers give tours and help support our community outreach and events, such as our Garden Tour and Art Auction.

Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Unrestricted - The Pence Gallery is seeking funding for several projects that will enable us to better reach diverse audiences, and to redevelop its facility to better house programs that are hands-on learning opportunities.
  2. Funding: Program - In addition, we are currently seeking funding to support our College Internship program ($1000), as well as our Teens Take Charge program ($6000). This increased funding would add our ability to pay stipends to artists and interns.
'There are several unique aspects of the Pence Gallery that deserve to be highlighted. As a Gallery, we are determined to remain free for all to view our exhibits, even if they are traveling exhibits with related expenses. Our children's programs are also low-cost, in order to allow the broadest amount of families and schools to participate. The Pence is also a site for new and emerging artists to show their work, in non-juried annual exhibits such as our Exhibit It!, student shows in collaboration with UC Davis, and other community groups such as the Short Center for disabled adults. We prioritize exhibits that are developed or supported by the community, thus we annually invite artists or curators to jury exhibits for the Pence. Our exhibits vary from solo artist shows, to interdisciplinary juried exhibits, or collections of rare or unusual art. Recently, we began a month-long artist studio project in October, in which an artist builds a piece of art or an installation over 30 days, collaborating with community members and students. In addition, we offer a series of school programs that are unique in the area for giving students a hands-on art making experience, alongside a guided tour of a related exhibit. Students learn to express their own thoughts about original works of art, and gain inspiration for their project that is taught by a professional artist. Programs prioritize learning skills, media, and artistic processes from professional artists.'

Sue Smith, Board President