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Opening Doors stands alongside immigrants, refugees, and survivors of human trafficking as they pursue their right to stability, self-sufficiency, and belonging – building the life they deserve and an even stronger Northern California for all.

We meet immigrants, refugees, and survivors of human trafficking wherever they are on their journey, supporting them as they work toward stable housing, financial security, overall wellness, and strong community connections. As we walk alongside our neighbors, we connect them with resources, help them navigate complicated systems, and support them in gaining access to education, housing, and healthcare.  

Understanding and compassion are our guiding principles as we provide practical steps and resources toward fostering stability, self-sufficiency, and belonging. As neighbors with open arms, hearts, and minds, we honor their resilience and determination to build better lives.

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Our mission is to enrich communities by supporting immigrants, refugees, and survivors of trafficking on their path to stability, self-sufficiency and belonging. Opening Doors envisions a world in which migrants and refugees lead lives of joy and embraced by welcoming communities.


Our greatest need...

Opening Doors' greatest need is private, unrestricted funding, which helps sustain our current programs and enhances their quality and reach for our beneficiaries. Your support on Big Day of Giving contributes to our organizational capacity building, ensuring we can continue serving our community. While we appreciate government grants, they often fall short of covering all program costs, particularly those that make our services exceptional. This year, we aim to raise $500,000 in private donations alongside nearly $10 million in government grants and program fees. Additionally, volunteers are crucial to our mission, offering their time, energy, and skills to support individuals on their journey to stability, self-sufficiency, and belonging.

Why is our work important?

Sacramento County boasts one of California's largest immigrant populations, comprising 21% of its residents. It also stands as a primary destination for Afghan refugees, accommodating 50% of California's yearly intake. Additionally, the City of Sacramento hosts the highest concentration of Ukrainian immigrants nationwide. The Greater Sacramento area, according to the US Census Bureau, has an unusually high number of asylees and undocumented migrants. Moreover, the region's central location amid major interstates makes it a hotspot for human trafficking activity.

These demographics, along with survivors of trafficking, often grapple with the aftermath of trauma, having fled turmoil, violence, and conflict in their home countries. Finding sustainable work and affordable housing poses challenges due to limited supply amidst high demand. Despite leaving adversity behind, many face new hurdles upon arrival. As neighbors with open arms, hearts, and minds, we believe in providing long-term support to immigrants, refugees, and trafficking survivors, recognizing their resilience and determination to build better lives.

Why support Opening Doors?

While local organizations offer essential goods, they often lack the linguistic and cultural expertise to fully assist refugees. In contrast, Opening Doors, Inc. (ODI) boasts 28 years of experience serving Sacramento's newcomer population. Through our Refugee Programs, Immigration Legal Services, Economic Prosperity initiatives, Health Programs, and services for Survivors of Trafficking, we address diverse needs comprehensively. Your contribution sustains these vital programs, empowering our newest neighbors and amplifying their strength.

Join the community of welcome!

By supporting us on Big Day of Giving, you enable us to continue providing critical services, fostering stability, self-sufficiency, and a sense of belonging. Your passion and generosity propel our mission forward. Join our community of welcome, where collective action makes tangible differences in the lives of those seeking refuge and opportunity in Northern California. Your support not only empowers individuals but enriches our entire community.

Refugees and migrants contribute significantly to household income and tax revenue, with entrepreneurship rates surpassing native-born citizens. Despite this economic vitality, vulnerabilities persist, including susceptibility to human trafficking and inadequate mental health care. California leads the nation in these populations and our state's economy is uniquely positioned, but we will be at a loss if we don’t address these disparities and ensure comprehensive support for all.

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Opening Doors

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Human Services

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$5,000,001-$10 million

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Funding: Other, Funding: Unrestricted, Funding: Program

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Immigrants & refugees, Low-income individuals/families

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El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, Yolo


1111 Howe Ave. Suite 125
Sacramento, CA 95825

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Sacramento, CA, US



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