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What is ABLED?

ABLED is a private, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization founded with the purpose of creating a safe environment for individuals with disabilities by fostering job training and social activities to help our friends better develop work readiness and life skills necessary for overall success in their community, and society at large. ABLED is an enrichment/training program that is client-centered -- we tailor a program to promote the best outcome for our friends. Curriculum based activities allow for emotional and practical development, in a safe environment where exploration, development and growth are encouraged. Our friends develop and enhance critical independent living and social skills, so that they may have broader access to their community. 

How does ABLED work?

ABLED’s lens is focused on achieving independence for individuals with developmental disabilities. We strive to create well rounded, client-centered activities by using curriculum-based exercises that promote exceptional growth and development. Promoting social-emotional and vocational skills, in tandem with independent living skills, ABLED strives to incorporate all aspects of day-to-day living. At ABLED we promote a culture of inclusion, acceptance and understanding, while maintaining a fun and safe environment.

Why do we need ABLED?

Everyone should enjoy full access to their community. 

At ABLED, we are committed to ensuring that our program participants receive the skills and training necessary to enjoy that access. Our social recreation program encourages positive socialization with peers, improved communication skills, the development of friendships, appropriate behavior development, improved self-esteem and self-confidence, increased autonomy, and an enhanced feeling of community and acceptance.

ABLED’s job training program provides our clients with the opportunity for improved economic self-sufficiency, an opportunity to use their vocational skills, and greater integration within the community.

ABLED’s Independent Living Skills program supports participants as they establish and maintain a safe, stable, and independent life in homes they own or rent. The program helps individuals make meaningful choices toward their goals in their personal relationships and their community. 


ABLED is committed to the development of social skills, academics/enrichment, independent practical life skills and the overall happiness of transition aged young adults. ABLED exists to foster skills for individuals with special needs so that they may lead more self-sufficient and independent lives.


Participant Financial Support:

ABLED’s programs are customized to meet the needs of each participant. While we are working to receive funding from the Regional Center to support our programs, those funds will not fully cover all of our needs. Your donation will enable us to provide the curriculum necessary to fully support each participant as they work toward their own level of success and independence.

General Operating Funds:

There are few vocational training programs that exist in the greater Sacramento area specifically tailored to meet the needs of young adults with special needs. ABLED’s program is customized to each individual in order to provide whole person support: participant-centered resources tailored to deliver the social-emotional, transitional and vocational services necessary for greater access to the community. Your donation will help us continue to scale so that we may provide direct impact to a greater number of individuals and their support networks.

Employment Partners:

We are always looking for employers who are willing and able to open their doors to support our participants as they develop the work skills necessary to be successful in the workforce, while practicing the soft skills taught in our program. Our participants are ready and eager to work; they just need an opportunity to demonstrate and cultivate their abilities. Reach out to us at if you are interested in partnering with us!

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