Cool Davis

Cool Davis's mission is to inspire our community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to a changing climate, and improve the quality of life for all. We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our community to 28% below 1990 levels by the end 2020 in order to reach carbon neutrality in our community by 2050.

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Address:P.O.Box 4013
Davis , CA 95617
County or Parish:Yolo County
Primary NTEE:Environment 
Sub NTEE:Environment NEC 
Executive Director:Christine Granger
Primary Phone:530-219-1712
Cool Davis was founded in 2010 dedicated to achieving the City of Davis's climate action goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. Made up of volunteers, community organizations, institutions and businesses our objective has been to assist the city in engaging of 75% of households in greenhouse gas reductions as one pathway to meeting the community goal of carbon neutrality. Since June 2010, Cool Davis has grown to include over 80 partner organizations in the Cool Davis Sustainability Coalition. We have raised over $200,000 in local community funding. We have held four annual Cool Davis Festivals, with the most recent Festival reached over 4000 participants with practical solutions for reducing GHG in home energy, transportation and consumption of food and goods. Cool Davis led the City of Davis effort competing in the 2013 ARB Cool California Challenge, resulting in becoming the first California city to be named Coolest California City. Cool Davis is governed by an active Board of Directors, and is led primarily by a volunteer team.

The Cool Davis Coalition - Over 80 partner organizations to support and mentor each other in greenhouse gas reduction, organize educational forums, advocate on climate issues, lead other collaborative projects and events.

The Cool Davis Cool Homes Campaign - In 2013, Cool Davis launched its Cool Homes network, a small (1000+) but growing cohort of households actively planning and taking action to reduce Green House Gas emissions in their day to day lives. In 2016, the city and Cool Davis launched the Double Up on Solar Campaign encouraging households to purchase solar now to reach a goal of doubling residential rooftop solar by 2020. We reached and exceeded our benchmark goal for 2016 with 502 households choosing to add solar PV to their homes. Cool Davis is in final planning stages for a multi-year, multi-pronged campaign to be led by staff and community volunteers to reach our objective of engagement of 75% of households around key actions like solar PV, energy efficiency and electric vehicles. Households all over Davis are signing up as Cool Homes, taking a pledge and getting busy reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. Cool Davis is bringing them together, making them a visible network, and providing them with support, information and resources to take action.
To meet these objectives Cool Davis needs for our Programs:
1. Funding to train and direct a growing cadre of 100+ community volunteers.
2. Donations and grants to provide discounts and incentives to stimulate key household actions.
3. Expansion of communications platforms & social media connection to households.
4. In-Kind donations of goods and services that might serve as prizes or incentives to actions.
5. Volunteers and Board Members.
Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Program - $30,000 to support a portion of the cost of the salaries for three field coordinators who direct volunteer ambassadors doing outreach to households.
  2. Funding: Program - $15,000 to fund discounts, incentives and prizes to demonstrate and stimulate key household actions.
  3. Funding: Unrestricted - $30,000 for the expansion of Communications staffing and platforms to connect and respond to households working on reducing green house gas reduction actions. Funding for our communications coordinator that leads our volunteer communications team.
  4. In-Kind Donations - Technical assistance, prizes for home actions represented on Cool Homes Checklist.
  5. Volunteers - Key leadership volunteers to assist with committee and board leadership are needed to reach the next level of our goals. In particular Cool Davis is looking for volunteers with skills in public speaking, an interest in GHG reduction activities, a willingness to help seek funding sources, and a passion for action to mitigate Climate Change.
'Climate change is a human-made crisis. We have disrupted the earth's climate and initiated the sixth largest extinction of living creatures. But if humans caused this harm, then we have the possibility to change our destructive behaviors and choose to preserve a habitable planet on which to live. We already know exactly how to begin: wean ourselves from our dependence on fossil fuels. While the science of climate change is clear, the facts are not enough to lead most of us to action.'

'So what may move us to take action? For most of us the answer lies in our hearts: the love we hold for our families, and our communities, for the generations of children who follow us, for local hillsides and valley orchards, meadows of wild flowers fed by glacial melt, for clean air and water, for undisturbed expanses of forest and prairie and mountain tops, for the beauty and solace of the earth as we have known it. Cool Davis is about expressing that love in tangible ways: promoting energy efficient homes, healthy, carbon-free transportation options, and consumption habits based on reducing, reusing, re-purposing, and recycling as well as buying local.'

'For those of us on the Board of Cool Davis, our work is both a moral imperative and an act of hope. And we believe strongly that this work can fun, interesting and energizing. We include the creative arts, music, dance, theater, good food, and community action in our activities. We work with our many partner organizations, including the City of Davis and many local businesses to educate and encourage our community to move purposefully toward a low carbon future, to build resilience, and to secure a healthy, just environment for all.'

Judy Moores, Past Chair, Foundation Board of Directors and Founder of Cool Davis