Access Sacramento

Giving voice to the people, places, and community cultural and arts events that make Sacramento County such a wonderful place to live.

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Address: Coloma Community Center 4623 T Street, Suite A
Sacramento, CA 95819-4700
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Gary Martin
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 916-456-8600 x100
Fax: 916-451-9601
Incorporated in 1986, Access Sacramento provides training and media production tools to any Sacramento County resident. Together in teams, residents produce thousands of radio and television programs per year and share them with their neighbors on cable channels 17 and 18, radio station KUBU 96.5 FM and streamed on the Internet at

Access Sacramento could not be prouder of the significant impact it has on bringing our area's diversity of voices onto cable television and radio. In a world where Free Speech is a right, Access Sacramento provides residents with an opportunity to be heard and to participate in the marketplace of ideas. Refugees, immigrants and long time residents each deserve the chance to tell their stories. With 31 years in the community, we are recognized for the significant in-kind donations we make to area non-profits through our Hometown TV and Game of the Week broadcasts. Annually, we win several Western Access Video Excellence (WAVE) awards for providing the best community access television productions across six western states.
Even in this expanding world of media outreach, the ability for people to get their message across and to "Make a Difference" becomes increasingly difficult. Who is listening? Access Sacramento's ability to provide radio and television connections can make that difference. The challenges in the non-profit world to offer additional hours of service and provide new opportunities though are liked directly to the availability of unrestricted dollars. While dollars come from our primary funder for equipment to support our members, those rare unrestricted dollars are critical to pay for program services and more volunteer/member opportunity.
Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Program - Sustainable support for non-commercial community radio KUBU-LP 96.5 FM at $8,000/year.
  2. Volunteers - Trained volunteers to help with television and radio productions.
  3. Funding: Program - Many 16-21 year old youth interested in gaining skills as a digital neighborhood correspondents are trained as reporters for our channel and for AccessLocal.TV.
  4. Funding: Program - Donation support for expansion of Hometown TV grants providing coverage of local community events on cable.
  5. Funding: Unrestricted - Every dollar goes a long way in keeping the doors open. While equipment dollars support members with restricted funding, keeping the doors open longer and providing extended services are directly linked to new unrestricted dollars. Please Help.
'On behalf of the Access Sacramento Board of Directors, the staff, and our thousands of volunteers over the years, I invite you to join our efforts, improving communication and awareness of non-profits and community cultural and arts events in our local community, "one voice at a time." As a non-commercial, non-profit organization, our community television, radio and Internet programming reflects the unique diversity found in Sacramento County. The more we know about each other, the greater empathy and mutual tolerance we will all enjoy. Viewers of Access Sacramento channels 17 and 18 experience unique entertainment, challenging points of-view, varied religious beliefs, diverse political opinions, and cultures and languages different from what you will see and hear on most commercial channels. Here at Access Sacramento we are different and proud of our role as the local "alternative" to typical television channels whose primary goal is simply to sell commercial time, make a profit, and draw the largest audience.' 'We invite you to join us, to bring your unique voice to our channels. Meet your neighbors at Access Sacramento by taking a class, creating a program, volunteering to help a group production effort or by simply watching these award-winning community channels. Each individual has a lifetime of stories and a unique style of expression. Is your voice reflected on commercial television and radio? If not, welcome to Access Sacramento, "giving voice to the thoughts, dreams, opinions, and community cultural and arts that make Sacramento County such a wonderful place to live." These are events not generally seen or heard on commercial and public radio, television, and other popular forms of media, but they are the images of what makes Sacramento County so unique: the images and voices of the places, events, and people who inspire and build our community. If you cannot find the answers to your questions by visiting our website, please call me at (916) 456-8600 Ext. 100. Here at Access Sacramento we look forward to meeting you and introducing you to many new neighbors and friends, helping you to hear their voices, and helping you to share your own voice in its unique way. We are here to help. Come join us, because you are welcome here, Gary Martin, Executive Director Don Henkle, Chair, Board of Directors