CCHAT Center Sacramento

CCHAT is a unique listening/spoken language program for children with hearing loss, birth to third grade. CCHAT removes language barriers so children with hearing loss are empowered with speech skills. With the help of hearing aids and cochlear implants, CCHAT teaches children who are deaf and hard of hearing to listen, develop spoken language and speak for themselves. Once age appropriate speech and language skills are achieved, students transition into their mainstream neighborhood schools.

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Address: 11100 Coloma Road
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
County or Parish: Sacramento
Primary NTEE: Education 
Sub NTEE: Special Education 
Executive Director: Laura Covello
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 916-361-7290 x2
Fax: 916-361-8613
Hearing loss is the most common birth defect, affecting 2-4 of every 1000 births. With over 50,000 annual births in the nine counties typically served by CCHAT, newborn hearing screening will identify approximately 150 newborns with significant hearing loss who need to be linked with an early intervention program like CCHAT as quickly as possible. Access to early intervention resources will help mitigate the negative impacts of hearing loss on speech/language acquisition, academic achievement and social/emotional development. Infants with permanent hearing loss benefit in terms of language development from being enrolled very early, before 3 months of age. CCHAT's student population reveals that deafness crosses all economic and ethnic lines. Many students are native born while others are from immigrant families whose native language is not English. 22% of CCHAT students do no have English as their home language and 60% of those currently receiving services are considered low to moderate income and benefit from California Children's Services. CCHAT is the only program of its kind serving the greater Sacramento area and Central Valley. The Center's unique network of services supports children with hearing loss and their families from the moment of diagnosis through successful mainstreaming into a typical educational setting. CCHAT's reputation for delivering quality services with consistent outcomes continues to expand. Since opening in 1996 with 12 students, CCHAT has grown to currently serving over 250 children through its network of center based programs and mainstream support services. CCHAT Center-Sacramento received its own 501(c)(3) designation on July 15, 2014. Prior to that time, CCHAT worked under the Foundation for Hearing Research, Inc. (FHR) 501(c)(3) designation and FHR had fiscal responsibility for our organization. Foundation for Hearing Research, Inc. was founded in 1967 when eight families organized an auditory/oral program for their profoundly deaf children. The 501(c)(3) was acquired in 1973 under the name Foundation for Hearing Research, Inc. The program grew, hired teachers of the deaf and was given the name Peninsula Oral School for the Deaf (POSD). The name Jean Weingarten was added in 1989 (JWPOSD). The sole purpose of the Foundation for Hearing Research, Inc., at that time, was to give guidance and support to JWPOSD. FHR later became the umbrella and guiding organization for the CCHAT Center-Sacramento.
Program funding is CCHAT's most pressing need. Although all enrolled students are under contract and funded, a funding gap remains. The cost of CCHAT's specialized services and staff is not fully absorbed by the 26 school districts and county programs that place children at CCHAT. Therefore, we must raise approximately $10,000 through community support for each child served. Additional funds are generated through individual donors, fundraisers and grants. All services are provided at no cost to families. CCHAT services require highly specialized personnel who have been specifically trained to teach children with hearing loss to listen and develop spoken language. They must be experts in the field and have knowledge regarding hearing loss, aural rehabilitation, speech/language development, audiology, cochlear implants, digital hearing aids, assisted listening devices and acoustics. All teachers/therapists hold a state special education credential. In addition, qualified staff are required to have a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist Certification from the AG Bell Academy, identifying them as experts in auditory/oral deaf education. Providing a highly qualified staff to meet the unique needs of the children at CCHAT is the highest priority and most prevalent expense.
Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Unrestricted - Funds necessary to maintain the highly trained teachers of the deaf, speech language pathologists and audiologists who are paramount to the success of our program
  2. Funding: Program - Tots Talk(birth-3 yr olds program); Closing the Gap (4-9 yr olds program); Music to My Ears (daily music program for all enrolled students)
  3. Technology - (12) Google Chromebooks for CCHAT students K-3rd
  4. Volunteers - Facilitate the organization and execution of fundraising events.
  5. Board Members - CCHAT is looking to add three members to their current Board of Directors. Areas of expertise include finance, marketing and media relations.
Having a child with a hearing impairment can be heartbreaking and confusing. At the CCHAT Center, we focus on helping families during this very overwhelming time. Our experienced staff walks step by step with families through the process of getting them the crucial information and the necessary services. With a caring, knowledgeable staff and cutting edge technology, CCHAT is well-prepared to effectively teach and support listening and spoken language for children with hearing loss, beginning at birth and continuing through the child's education. CCHAT's comprehensive program helps children who are deaf and hard of hearing develop the speech, language and listening skills they need to be successful in the world. They also develop the early literacy and academic concepts and social skills they will need for future academic success. All of the children receive instruction from master's level teachers of the deaf and in a loving, colorful, child-friendly, print- and language-rich environment. The teachers work together with expert on-site audiologists and speech-language pathologists to help ensure an optimal learning situation for each child. A state-of-the-art computer SmartBoard in every classroom helps our teachers foster early computer skills and provides unlimited additional interactive learning opportunities for the children.Children with typical hearing are an important part of our focus on natural language development. Children who are deaf and hard of hearing benefit from typical language, speech and social models their hearing peers provide. Hearing peers benefit from individual attention from highly trained staff, a language-rich environment, a low teacher to student ratio and opportunities to interact with a diverse group of peers. CCHAT prepares children to participate and succeed in their neighborhood schools. All services at the CCHAT Center are provided at no cost to the families. Generous private support makes our comprehensive pediatric audiology program, speech and language services and quality educational program accessible to all.
- Laura Covello, Executive Director, CCHAT Center Sacramento