Yolo Farm to Fork

Our mission is to educate the public, especially our children, about the value of a farm-to-table community food system that also teaches us to value the environment.

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Address: 1280 Santa Anita Court, #100
Woodland, CA 95776
County or Parish: Yolo County
Primary NTEE: Food, Agriculture & Nutrition 
Sub NTEE: Food, Agriculture & Nutrition NEC 
Executive Director: Suzanne Falzone
Contact Email: Anya.Burdick@yolofarmtofork.org
Primary Phone: 530-302-5795
Website: http://www.yolofarmtofork.org
Yolo Farm to Fork supports edible school gardens, provides garden-centered and farm-based education to students, and is dedicated to bringing locally grown farm-fresh food to school meals and reducing waste through recycling and composting. To cultivate children's taste for fresh, healthful produce and engage them in learning experiences that gardens offer - especially for schools serving low-income populations that are fighting childhood obesity - Yolo Farm to Fork is increasing and sustaining the number of edible school gardens in Yolo County (primarily Woodland, West Sacramento, and Davis) and raising school and community awareness of the health benefits and tastiness of recipes featuring fresh, nutritious garden produce.
Yolo Farm to Fork is a private 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a modest, community-based budget (no federal or state grants). We take action to reach parents, teachers, children, and the community, but run mostly on dedicated and passionate volunteer power. The generosity of our supporters allow our work to grow and thrive and directly impacts how many children our programs reach. Your support will be put to work in ways that most benefit kids and families in Yolo County.

You can help by:
- Donating and becoming a member
- Sponsoring or co-sponsoring an event
- Connecting us to in-kind resources
- Volunteering your time, energy, and expertise

We hope you will help us reach even more children in Yolo County!
Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Program - The majority of our funding comes from small donations, less than $100, made by individual donors. Our remaining program operating budget comes from local foundations.
  2. In-Kind Donations - We are always looking for donations, including: seeds, plants, tools, soil, bark, compost, and general garden equipment.
  3. Volunteers - Like to work with kids? Want to get your hands dirty? Volunteers are always needed. As a small non-profit, we could not do it without you.
  4. Funding: Unrestricted - We function on a very small overhead budget (less than 10%). Unrestricted funding allows us to operate as efficiently as possible, while also using the unrestricted funds to support garden grants and help with garden emergencies that periodically arise.
  5. Board Members - Local, passionate community members are welcome to join us. We continually recruit Board Members from every Yolo County community.
"Yolo Farm to Fork teaches children how their food choices are intimately connected to their health, community, and environment. We believe children learn lessons that last a lifetime and will be passed to future generations when:
- They have the opportunity to plant seeds and grow their own food
- They can visit local farms, meet farmers and see how crops are grown
- Can harvest, help prepare and eat fresh, local, seasonal produce
- They can turn leftover produce into compost to revitalize the soil and replenish their gardens

In agriculturally rich Yolo County, children in many communities suffer from food insecurity, poor nutrition, and obesity. On average the percentage of socioeconomically disadvantaged students on free and reduced lunch is 70%, and can be as is as high as 96%. Low-income families are most vulnerable, as they tend to eat processed foods high in salt, sugar, and fat; leaving children undernourished as well as obese. As a result, these children may be less successful in school. Our efforts are aimed at providing real-life resources to help improve nutrition habits, fight obesity, and integrate gardening with classroom instruction. We envision a future generation of adults who are better nourished and who value the farms and gardens that provide their food.

We know that kids love to eat what they grow. Our efforts in school gardens and school meal programs help kids develop a taste for healthful eating. Our farm visit programs help families get to know where their food comes from and the farmers who grow it, and our recycling and composting efforts provide hands-on lessons in environmental stewardship. We have been on the leading edge of the Farm to Fork and Farm to School movements since 1999, before they were trendy! We have a 17-year track record successfully implementing Farm to School programs. We work with each school, recognizing and addressing the resources and needs unique to their situation so that they can maximize on the benefits of their own edible school garden.

Your contribution directly impacts the number of children and families we reach in Yolo County - it's grassroots action at its best. We hope you will help us expand our efforts."

Suzannne Falzone
Board President
Yolo Farm to Fork