West Sacramento Friends of the Library

The West Sacramento Friends of the Library (WSFOL) supports the Arthur F. Turner Community Library to develop diverse collections, encourage reading and literacy programs for all ages, and promote the library as an educational and cultural center.

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Address: PO Box 692
West Sacramento, CA 95691
County or Parish: Yolo County
Primary NTEE: Education 
Sub NTEE: Libraries 
The organization was formed as the East Yolo Friends of the Library over 50 years ago in the small community of East olo. After the community was incorporated as the City of West Sacramento in 1987 the organization became the West Sacramento Friends of the Library (WSFOL). WSFOL provides funding to increase the library's collections and support library programs. When a new library was constructed in 2009, WSFOL was able to increase its fundraising to provide $50,000 for the building fund. WSFOL's major sources of funds are annual membership fees, income from book sales, and other donations.
Library Collection - Increase the collection to support the diverse needs of our community, including digital materials, Braille materials, and materials in various languages spoken in the community (Russian, Spanish and Chinese), as well as materials that support the K-12 Common Core Standards.Technology Resources - Increase access to technology for our customers. There is a need to add laptop or tablet computers and readers (Kindle) for checkout to customers who have no other access. Improve the computer lab by decreasing the noise level and providing more privacy/separation between the computers.Outreach - Develop ways to serve areas of our city that are currently underserved, such as senior housing complexes, the north and south areas of the city, and explore setting up e-book stations at the local high schools.Increase the number of small, individual study rooms for customers who need a quiet place to work.Safety - Explore ways to increase safety both for library staff and for customers. Examples might be to provide lockers for customers to store their possessions while in the library. The library serves a number of students and homeless people who need a safe place to store their backpacks while using the library. Also consider the installation of video cameras and some type of safe bicycle storage.
Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Program - Funds to support collections and programs to promote literacy for individuals of all ages.
  2. Board Members - Active board members to further outreach and successful fundraising.
  3. Funding: Unrestricted - Funds to use for other program enhancements.
  4. Volunteers - Volunteers to assist with outreach and library services.
  5. Technology - Replace older technology and add newer technology for customer use.
WSFOL primarily serves the City of West Sacramento and surrounding areas, but as a part of the Yolo County Library System, we also provide system-wide support.