West Sacramento Friends of the Library

The West Sacramento Friends of the Library (WSFOL) supports the Arthur F. Turner Community Library to develop diverse collections, encourage reading and literacy programs for all ages, and promote the library as an educational and cultural center.

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Address: PO Box 692
West Sacramento, CA 95691
County or Parish: Yolo County
Executive Director: Alex Hirsch
Contact Email: wsfol99@yahoo.com
Primary Phone: 916-375-6465 x4
Website: http://www.westsaclibfriends.org
The organization was formed as the East Yolo Friends of the Library over 50 years ago in the small community of East olo. After the community was incorporated as the City of West Sacramento in 1987 the organization became the West Sacramento Friends of the Library (WSFOL). WSFOL provides funding to increase the library's collections and support library programs. When a new library was constructed in 2009, WSFOL was able to increase its fundraising to provide $50,000 for the building fund. WSFOL's major sources of funds are annual membership fees, income from book sales, and other donations.
Teen Services - The Arthur F. Turner Community Library serves a diverse population, including many of the nearly 5,000 teen aged youth living in West Sacramento. The library strives to provide teen youth with a safe, reliable place to study, do homework, and engage in learning and leadership activities. Our dedicated Teen Room ensures that young people are able to work on projects, access free WiFi, and explore a collection of print and audio-visual material in a judgment free and welcoming atmosphere. The library is currently looking to update its Teen Room to include amenities that will enhance the 21st century and information literacy skills of our young people. We presently have the capabilities to offer teens bi-weekly leadership activities, and are piloting intentional monthly programming, but lack the resources needed to provide youth with access to the kinds of dynamic and emerging technology that businesses increasingly depend upon in this ever-changing and fast-paced world. Expanding technological services for teen youth is one of the top priorities of the Arthur F. Turner Community Library, with a particular emphasis on digital media and maker culture. We aim to empower our youth through design and education projects across a variety of areas including graphic design, photography, video, music, 2D/3D design, STEM and hands-on making.
Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Unrestricted - Teen Programs - Funds to support monthly programs focused on 21st century skills and learning.
  2. Technology - Teen Room - Wall mounted, wide-screen monitor; computers; iPad work stations; robotics; circuitry; vinyl cutter; 3D printer pens; portable microphones and headphones; video cameras.
  3. Furniture - Teen Room - Updated seating and tables.
  4. Board Members - Active board members to further outreach and successful fundraising.
  5. Volunteers - Volunteers to assist with outreach and services.
The West Sacramento Friends of the Library is a group of like-minded supporters who cherish the many programs and services offered by the Arthur F. Turner Community Library in West Sacramento. Both a cultural and community center, our library is one of the premier civic institutions of West Sacramento and it benefits a diverse population of residents from all parts of the city and from across the greater Sacramento region. As President of the Friends, I am excited by the opportunity we have through the Big Day of Giving to increase awareness of the many programs and services offered by the library and to promote the library to a larger audience. For this year's Big Day of Giving campaign, we are focusing on increasing the library's programs and services geared towards teens and youth to provide them with access to the technology and STEM resources that will empower them to be the leaders of tomorrow. With your generous financial support, the Friends can continue to ensure that the Arthur F. Turner Community Library remains an invaluable part of our community. Sincerely, Alex Hirsch, President