West Sacramento Friends of the Library

The West Sacramento Friends of the Library (WSFOL) supports the Arthur F. Turner Community Library by raising funds to develop diverse collections, encourage reading and literacy programs for all ages, and promote the library as an educational and cultural center for the entire West Sacramento community.

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Address: PO Box 692
West Sacramento, CA 95691
County or Parish: Yolo County
Executive Director: Aria Berliner
Contact Email: friends@wsfol.org
Primary Phone: 916-375-6465 x4
Website: http://www.wsfol.org
The organization was formed as the East Yolo Friends of the Library over 50 years ago in the small community of East Yolo. After the community was incorporated as the City of West Sacramento in 1987, the organization became the West Sacramento Friends of the Library (WSFOL). WSFOL provides funding to increase the library's collections and support library programs. When a new library building was constructed in 2009, WSFOL was able to increase its fundraising to provide $50,000 for the building fund. WSFOL's major sources of funds are annual membership fees, income from book sales, and other donations.
Programming Support - The Arthur F. Turner Community Library serves a diverse population through programs and services aimed at promoting literacy, inspiring learning, and encouraging community building. Programs include the Summer Reading Program that engages people of all ages through fun presentations and reading challenges. In 2018, the library gave a free book to everyone that signed up for the Summer Reading Program. For many participants, these books were the building blocks for their first home libraries. In 2019, the West Sacramento Friends of the Library is raising funds to support this program, as well as others provided throughout the year including story times, the Homework Center, English Conversation Groups, Author Readings, and Book Clubs. Our top needs: 1. Funding: Unrestricted - Programming & Collections - Funds to support activities and year-round programming that promotes literacy for all ages, with an emphasis on preventing declining reading ability among school-age children over the summer months ("summer slide"), and support for the materials collections at the Arthur F. Turner Community Library. 2. Funding: Program - Summer Reading Program - The Arthur F. Turner Community Library serves a population diverse in age, ethnicity, and preferred reading language, with substantial collections in English, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese. To keep patrons of all ages engaged with the library throughout the summer and prevent "summer slide" of children, losing reading ability gained in the school year, the library has a Summer Reading Program that allows both children and adults to win prizes and track their reading goals from May through August. The Arthur F. Turner Community Library partners with local businesses and gives away gift certificates, mugs, virtual reality goggles, and other prizes when patrons read 5 books and again when they read 10 books. In 2018, the library also gave away a free book to every patron who signed up, allowing them to build their home libraries. Finisher rates for the Summer Reading Program rose by an unprecedented 40%. This was a fantastic and welcome development, but the budget was for a 10% increase. The library's goal is to increase finisher rates to 10% more patrons than last year and aims to do that through better instruction sheets, translating the instruction into more languages, purchasing more books, better marketing, using more volunteers, and providing easier ways for patrons to enroll. 3. Funding: Other - The West Sacramento Friends of the Library is also seeking funds to enhance the collection of materials at the Arthur F. Turner Community Library, including new print books, digital books, magazines and audiobooks, and additional titles for the Read Around Yolo book club in a bag. 4. Board Members - Active board members to further outreach and successful fundraising. 5. Volunteers - Volunteers to assist with outreach and services.
The West Sacramento Friends of the Library is a group of like-minded supporters who cherish the many programs and services offered by the Arthur F. Turner Community Library in West Sacramento. Both a cultural and community center, our library is one of the premier civic institutions of West Sacramento and it benefits a diverse population of residents from all parts of the city and from across the greater Sacramento region. As President of the Friends, I am excited by the opportunity we have through the Big Day of Giving to increase awareness of the many programs and services offered by the library and to promote the library to a larger audience. For this year's Big Day of Giving campaign, we are focusing on library programming. In 2018, the Friends supported over 150 library programs including the summer reading program, the local author series, bi-lingual story time, teen club, among others. With your generous financial support, the Friends can continue to ensure that the Arthur F. Turner Community Library remains an invaluable part of our community.

-- Aria Berliner, President