Woodland TV (Formerly known as WAVE TV Channel 21)

Woodland TV provides the opportunity for our community to speak and share freely through public access media.

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Address: PO Box 1352
Woodland, CA 95776
County or Parish: Yolo County
Executive Director: Diana Dearmore
Contact Email: director@woodlandtv.org
Primary Phone: 530-669-1550
Website: http://www.woodlandtv.org
Public access began in the back of the City Council Chambers, not much larger than a closet. Early public access directors provided part-time service to the station, which included minimal programming as well as maintaining a contract to cover the City Council meetings. Council Members Dudley Holman and Elaine Rominger, City Manager Kris Kristensen, and Former Congressman Vic Fazio believed that the community would benefit greatly by having a forum to air and view local events and issues facing Woodlanders. So in 1992, these City leaders forged a PEG (Public, Educational, and Government) station with the incoming cable service provider.

Currently there are several very devoted public access volunteers who still continue to serve the community by giving hundreds of hours of their time to bring local events on the air.
• Expansion of community and regional programming through increased coverage of local events.
• Increase membership and volunteer base, including active board members to help us be more viable as a business.
• Continue community outreach through collaborative efforts with other local non-profits
• Help to preserve local living history.
• Increase presence on social media and electronic media.

Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Unrestricted - Expand Community and Regional Programming A primary goal is to provide quality local community programming to our viewers. There are numerous interesting events occurring daily in Woodland and to provide expanded video coverage we need to increase volunteers and part-time staff to enable coverage of these events.
  2. Volunteers - Volunteers, Board members Increase membership and volunteer base, including active board members to help us be more viable as a business. We are actively partnering with and recruiting teens to help us in this venture and provide a fresh perspective to the community.
  3. Funding: Unrestricted - Continue community outreach through collaborative efforts Increase partnerships and collaborations with other non-profits, local government and residents of Woodland and to provide these individuals and organizations the necessary resources and support to produce programming for public access television.
  4. Funding: Program - Document and preserve local history. Work with local seniors and retirement homes in our community to digitally preserve our local living history.
  5. Technology - Continue to expand social media and electronic coverage. We are constantly shifting to meet the expanding technology being used. Changes in the 'big media' mergers and government legislation are some of our biggest challenges. Woodland TV is working to expand coverage provided to our community through alternative delivery channels available to non-cable subscribers, including social media, website, YouTube, Vimeo and others.
Statement from the Station Manager/Director: While Woodland TV, Channel 21 markets to all residents of Woodland through their website social media and the internet, the on-air customer base is limited to current cable Wave Broadband subscribers. Based on the demographics of the city, Channel 21 is continually updating our framework for on-going programming, targeting the changing viewing audience. Woodland TV is continually expanding the range of community programming, limited only to our videographer resources. Targeted programming includes: • Stay at home parents/Home schooled children: A rapidly expanding market is parents wanting to entertain and educate their children at home. We are expanding programs supporting early learning literacy, easy DIY crafts for younger children, reading and story time activities, history, math and science programming. We currently rely primarily on programming provided by the PEG Media library while we are expanding coverage of local children's programming. In 2018 the station produced a 15 episode series "The Adventures of Galesteo." This series featured the book series written by local children's author Jamie Hudspeth about the adventures of her cat in and around Woodland and includes Jamie reading the books and guest appearances of Galesteo, the "star" of the series. • Seniors: Additional local programming targeting seniors and retired community members will be a major focus in 2018. They are often not able to physically attend community events and meetings. Channel 21 strives to provide topical programming so that seniors are able keep abreast of local happenings.Annually we highlight the "Writing Your Life History" class at the Senior Center, where local seniors read excerpts of their writings. Other regularly scheduled senior features on Channel 21 include: "Graceful Aging", "Future Talk","Living Longer, Living Better", "Sit and be Fit" and other senior exercise programs. • Shift workers: Woodland has a large manufacturing and warehousing base of businesses. Channel 21 expanded the programming scheduling to 24 hours and features local and regional programming at set times daily/weekly. This enables those who work in the warehousing, public safety and healthcare industries to view school board meetings, local events and special community programs they may not have access to because of their work schedule. • Woodland teens: Channel 21 has partnered with local teens to make their voice heard and generate local productions. These programs will typically be shown in the after school slot on-air. This is also when we highlight local children performing in school and extracurricular activities. Our latest children's series, "The Adventures of Galesteo" was filmed and edited by local teen Roshelle Carlson, who interned with WTV over the summer. Woodland TV faces challenges daily in struggling with more demands for coverage of local events that our limited supply of trained videeographers can meet. We are always looking for energetic volunteers and partners that want to have a voice in their community.
-- Diana R. Dearmore, Director/Station Manager