Winters Friends of The Library

Winters Friends of the Library is a volunteer support group whose purpose is to promote literacy, foster a love of reading, enhance the cultural life of the community, and encourage involvement in the library and its programs.

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Address: PO Box 963
Winters, CA 95694
County or Parish: Yolo County
Executive Director: Sally Brown
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 530-795-3618
Winters Friends of the Library (WFoL) was founded in 1970 to support the Winters Library by raising funds, organizing programs, and providing volunteer service. It incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in 1985. The group, which now has more than 150 members, has grown into one of the most active volunteer organizations in Winters. WFoL worked steadily for 15 years to raise funds for the new library. In the fall of 2009, Winters Community Library, a joint use library between Yolo County and the Winters Joint Unified School District opened.
The Winters Community Library is a cultural hub of the community. In Winters, about 52% of the population of nearly 7,000 is Hispanic. Twenty-five percent of the parents of children in Winters schools have not completed high school. Winters and rural Yolo County are classified as rural under-served and economically disadvantaged.

Our most pressing needs are: (1) Supporting the library in offering an array of enriching and educational programs and services consistent with the needs of our diverse community; (2) Attracting wider participation in community events via a vibrant website, increased social media and other more traditional forms of publicity; (3) Growing and energizing the organization by attracting new, diverse and dedicated volunteers.
Our top needs:
  1. Space: Office or Other - In 2018, the Yolo County Library has asked WFoL to fun improvements to the children's and teen's areas of the Winters Community Library. By revamping the children's area we would be creating a space for younger school aged kids to learn and play without the distraction from adults and teenagers. Currently young patrons have to do their computer work alongside people of all ages. While the library is co-located with the Winters High School, the teens don't really have a space to call their own. We would better serve teens and all library patrons by providing a dedicated learning space for these students where group study, supportive learning and creative growth can be facilitated in a way that is appropriate to their developmental level. Teens are particular about where and how they like to study and we want to support nurture them to achieve their academic pursuits in an environment where their needs aren't conflicting with the needs of other patrons.
  2. Technology - In 2018, we want to add three computers with internet connection in the Children's library and add two computers with internet connection in the Teen area of the library in order to create a work environments appropriate for their age groups.
  3. Funding: Program - Annually the Yolo County Library submits a "wish list" budget to be funded by WFoL, which always includes supporting library programming for youth and adults.
  4. Board Members - WFoL continually strives to diversify its Board to be representative of the entire Winters Community.
  5. Volunteers - WFoL also continually strives to attract new, diverse and dedicated volunteers.
The Winters Friends of the Library (WFoL) is a small, all-volunteer group of dedicated members and volunteers who support the Winters Community Library with their time, energy, and money to ensure that this vital community hub continues to function at its full capacity. WFoL is dedicated to keeping the library open, active and available to our community. The Winters Community Library is an important center of activity, where K-12 students, parents with young children, seniors, job seekers, English-language learners and others gather to use the library's resources in a safe and welcoming environment. In a rural, low-income community like ours, it is the most democratic of institutions, providing books, educational and cultural programs, and internet access to all. - Sally Brown, President