Viewpoint Photographic Arts Center

Viewpoint Photographic Art Center, a nonprofit educational organization, promotes the art of photography through:
- Exhibiting photography by contemporary and historic photographers
- Presenting lectures, discussions, workshops, field trips, and other educational programs related to photography
- Organizing events to foster public awareness and appreciation for photographic art
- Collection, preservation, and publication

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Address: 2015 J Street, Suite 101
Sacramento, CA 95811
County or Parish: Sacramento
Primary NTEE: Arts,Culture & Humanities 
Sub NTEE: Arts Education 
Executive Director: Roberta McClellan
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 916-441-2341
Viewpoint grew out of a small commercial gallery that in the 1980's brought the work of more than 100 contemporary and historic photographers to the Sacramento region. In 1991, what was to become Viewpoint was founded as the Sacramento Valley Photographic Art Center, Inc. (SVPAC), with 175 charter members. In 1994, SVPAC moved and began sharing space with the Sacramento Archives and Museum Collection Center (SAMCC), just off of Richards Boulevard, receiving free rent and presenting an exhibition of historic photographs from the SAMCC collection each year. In 1996, the organization changed its name and reincorporated as Viewpoint Photographic Art Center. Desiring to raise its public profile, in 2008 Viewpoint moved to its present location on J Street in the heart of Sacramento's Art District, and its membership doubled in size. Larger membership meant a larger pool of volunteers and better funding, which, in turn, allowed Viewpoint to enlarge its list of ongoing programs. Since 1992, Viewpoint has presented a continuous schedule of photography exhibitions and events. The range of styles and techniques displayed has spanned the photographic spectrum from analog to digital technology: traditional silver black-and-white and color processes, alternative approaches, such as pinhole, Polaroid manipulation, and platinum prints, candid images taken by members of the Sacramento Boys & Girls Club with disposable cameras, and photographs taken with cell phones. Viewpoint presents the works of well-known photographers, and also provides to many emerging photographers from the Sacramento region, the first exhibition of their work.
Viewpoint is proud to announce that as a community leader in the photographic arts, we have elected to take on the exciting and challenging project of presenting a Photography Month for our region. We have scheduled it for April, 2018 and it will continue every other year thereafter. For this special month long celebration, we plan to bring together the Sacramento and surrounding area visual arts community to collaborate on a powerful series of photography exhibits, workshops and lectures as a way to get more people into art spaces so that we may share and define our local voice as an inclusive and vital arts community. Photography Month will help bring the photographic arts to the forefront of our regions powerful visual arts programs.

But we cannot do it alone. We need volunteers and financial support to make this exciting and powerful event happen. As a Viewpoint supporter, we hope you will join us by helping with a donation on May 4th!

Our plans for event development In 2017 include working on the organizational aspects, program collaboration with museums and galleries, and general marketing outreach. At the time the Big Day of Giving launches, Viewpoint will have made its announcement and our web site will be up and running. Please take a look:

To support this event, Viewpoint will be offering a special exhibition during April 2018, as well as coordinating a series of lectures, print critiques, and a photography contest with cash prizes and public display opportunities for students at the high school and college level. We will also act as the clearing house for disseminating information on the many month long activities that will become part of this celebration. This type of celebration required ample planning and funding so we would like to ask all our supporters to help with a donation on the Big Day of Giving so that we may continue the planning process in 2017.

Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Program - Photography Month Sacramento, April 2018.
  2. Board Members - Board Members.
  3. Volunteers - Docents and Event Committee volunteers.
  4. In-Kind Donations - Printing and advertising.
  5. Funding: Program - Educational Program outreach.
'In 2016, Viewpoint made great strides artistically, organizationally, and financially. From an artistic point of view, 2016 saw a refinement of the curatorial process and general gallery offerings. The monthly exhibits in the Main Gallery and the Step Up Galley were both exciting and challenging. They featured local and members photographer, emerging photographers from around the world, as well as several iconic photographers including a stunning exhibit by the Weston's entitled: Four Generations of Weston. Organizationally, Viewpoint invested in an additional part time staff member adding a Gallery Coordinator. This additional staff member worked with docent volunteers helping to ensure that all gallery operations functioned smoothly. Organizational policy and procedures were reviewed and refined by the Executive Director and new programs were implemented in both the exhibit and workshop programs. Financially, Viewpoint developed new sales programs to help keep the art of photography at the forefront, and new corporate sponsors joined in supporting Viewpoint and its many programs.'

'In 2017, Viewpoint will continue to expand its new program offerings, refine existing programs, and reach out further to its community of photographers and the general public. The new exhibit year planned for 2017 is exciting and features several well-known photographers who will bring their art to Sacramento and surrounding areas through Viewpoint's free gallery program. Viewpoint is the only independent and self-supporting photographic arts organization in the greater Sacramento region. As an educational institution, Viewpoint delivers workshops, lectures, field trips, and other programs to provide the photographic community and the general public with tools and information to help them understand, appreciate, and practice photography as an art form. Viewpoint's Education Program nurtures and encourages high school and college students of photography by offering student-only events at no charge. This program is designed to cultivate budding photographers and to supplement high school and college arts programs. Viewpoint is an inclusive organization. Photographers new and experienced, supporters of the arts, and collectors are welcomed in the organization.'

Roberta McClellan, Executive Director