The Yoga Seed Collective

Our mission is to offer programs with a unique approach to restoring agency in a multitude of settings, empowering communities.

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Address:PO 163735
Sacramento, CA 95816
County or Parish:Sacramento
Primary NTEE:Human Services 
Sub NTEE:Personal Social Services 
Executive Director:Reyna Schlichter
Primary Phone:916-978-1367
Since 2010, The Yoga Seed Collective has been making a significant impact in the Sacramento region. What began as an accessibility-focused studio space, has grown into a far reaching community, with trauma-informed programming in a number of schools, psychiatric hospitals, jails and prisons. In the region, we are the leaders in trauma-informed programs, trainings and professional development; this emerging new application of yoga and mindfulness is becoming more integrated into traditional health care, seen in through the number of agencies eager to partner and collaborate. With our strategic readiness, we're primed to expand our innovative programs; restoring agency while empowering communities that are often vulnerable and underserved.
Due to the overwhelming response of many school settings and other service providers, we need your support in helping us fund the sought after programs within communities of need. Within the first month of 2017 we have received many calls to offer our programs at but not limited to: elementary schools, high schools, Sacramento County Sheriff's (RCCC) and juvenile hall. We seek your help in assisting to fund these much needed programs.
Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Program - Programs for schools, psych facilities, inmates, recovery centers, underserved populations.
  2. Funding: Unrestricted - Supportive infrastructure.
  3. In-Kind Donations - We need in-kind donations for events and fundraisers.
  4. Volunteers - Volunteers for events and fundraisers.
  5. Board Members - Our board requires a maximum of seven people; currently we have four.
'The Yoga Seed Collective is truly a unique organization. Whether you are walking into a studio class, or attending one of our therapeutic yoga groups in a psychiatric hospital, you will be welcomed, validated, and given tools to thrive. The Yoga Seed has been driven by a social justice mindset, inspired by the rich tradition of nonviolence found in yoga philosophies. As founder of the organization and a former high school teacher, I have been particularly driven to address the concerns of childhood trauma before it manifests itself into negative adult outcomes.'

'I have witnessed this impact first hand, through elementary school students sharing how they use mindfulness to deal with family arguments, adolescent inpatients vocalizing a huge shift in their ability to regulate, and the nonviolent leadership program I led in a California State Prison. The outcomes for all groups are all similar, individual are equipped to respond to life, instead of simply reacting. This work affects individuals along with families and communities all around the Sacramento region. In recent years, we have created huge readiness to extend services through our advanced yoga training in trauma-inform methods; this ensures we will continue to be a leader for years to come.'

Zachary Pasillas, Founder & Director of Trauma-informed programs