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Hi there, I’m Ella (she/they) and I am the current head of Acme’s Web and Social Media Department! I am a junior at Davis High, and I’ve been part of Acme for around a year now. I joined as an actor in Spring of 2022, and was elected to ACE in February of 2023.

These days, people are heavily reliant on the internet for staying in the know about upcoming events, and as such, a company’s online presence is incredibly important. That’s where Web comes in. We do the things that help connect people online to our work. This usually includes designing and updating the website and posting on social media about upcoming events(I also have a knack for writing snazzy captions). Once a year, we also help to run Big Day of Giving- I’ll even be hosting the livestream on May 4th! My vision for the position in the season to come is to explore a branding kit and hopefully get a designated laptop for our department. A laptop would help to keep all of Acme’s photos and files in one place and keep youth leadership accessible in a company that is completely free to participate in. Your support to Acme's Web campaign will help me get a laptop that will travel with the position so that our department will continue having the equipment we need! 

Since joining last spring, what stands out to me about Acme as a company is that it highly values youth leadership. Being in a youth-led space is very empowering and I enjoy the community Acme fosters. I love that my position gives me the chance to connect people with the awesome work that Acme does, and am so grateful for the life skills I’ve learned from being trusted with these kinds of responsibilities.

Please consider making a donation to Acme, and join me at our livestream on May 4th! Thank you so much for your time and generosity!

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