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Movie Libs is raising funds to help Sacramento Comedy Spot meet their goal for Big Day of Giving!


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TOMORROW NIGHT, the 30th of April, in the 6:00 hour of the Pacific times, we are having a Jackbox game night!


1. This is an awareness event for Sacramento Comedy Spot's Big Day of Giving campaign! You can donate now through Thursday, May 2. Bonus: Give through this Movie Libs fundraiser page, and maybe get some perks, too!

2. This event is taking place on DISCORD only! ICYMI, the Comedy Spot has a new fan server on Discord, which you can join by going here –

3. On Tuesday: Hop on the fan server and look under the "Community Things" tab in your sidebar for the channel called Movie Libs Stage (You may have to expand the column or click "Show All" at the very bottom to see all of the available channels in that category.) - OR - Click this invite link to go directly to the channel –

4. Let's play! You can play online by going to and entering the 4-letter code presented on the screen at the start of each individual game. The number of players per game is limited, and it's first entered, first served. Don't want to mess with that? Just hang out and talk to us in the comments!

5. This is totally new technology for the ML crew, so get excited for potential glitches! Hell yeah!


Welcome to Big Day of Giving!

Movie Libs is the weekly online show where you help us revamp scenes from famous movies or TV shows! Tune in to help our actors fill in the gaps, and then watch the scenes we wrote together. It's a little janky and a lot of fun.

We would not exist without Sacramento Comedy Spot. Movie Libs made its debut during the theater's livestream campaign for Big Day of Giving in 2020, and hasn't stopped since. The Comedy Spot generously offers opportunities for comedy ideas of all shapes, sizes, and mediums to develop and find their voice. It brings together people from many different cultural backgrounds and walks of life. It creates positivity, mental well-being, and community through laughter. Every one of us in Movie Libs has found a second home and extended family at this theater. 

Follow Movie Libs on Facebook to be part of the show!

Cast: Coreen Lemcke, Charlie Lemcke, Stacey Cochran, Tina Jett, and Marco Cabodi, with Dayna Bryant on tech

How to Participate

DONATE! – The Comedy Spot goal for 2024 is $30,000. You can donate any time between now and 11:59pm on May 2nd. Contributions made through the Movie Libs page will be added to the Comedy Spot's overall tally. We've also got some incentives for you...
• Donate $25 – Pick your favorite scene from ones we've done in the past, and we'll do it again!
Donate $50 – Pick one of your favorite movies for us to choose a scene from! 
Donate $100 – Pick the theme for a future show!
• Donate $150 – Pick the theme AND the five movies we use for a future show!

• Donate... and choose! – Got a challenge in mind? Want to make us do something crazy? Show us the bucks and tell us what to do!

Watch Improv Fight Club! – On Big Day of Giving proper, May 2, the Comedy Spot is hosting Improv Fight Club, a long-standing tradition, live on stage at the Comedy Spot. Teams of house performers take turns showing off their skills and creativity in two rounds, with the winner being chosen by audience vote. Improv Fight Club tickets are $20 for in-person admission or a livestream link to watch online. The show starts at 7:30PM PT. Ticket sales and bar concessions will go towards the Comedy Spot goal. 

Click HERE to learn more about the Comedy Spot and Improv Fight Club!

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