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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Opening Doors

Help me support Opening Doors as they support immigrants, refugees, and survivors of trafficking.


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CALL TO ACTION: Help me support the work of Opening Doors by making a financial contribution this Big Day of Giving. 

WHY THIS MATTERS: The mission of Opening Doors is to enrich our communities by supporting immigrants, refugees, and survivors of trafficking on their path to stability, self-sufficiency, and belonging. Opening Doors meets these newcomers wherever they are on their journey, and supports them as they work toward stable housing, financial security, and overall wellness. 

WHY IT MATTERS TO ME: The work of Opening Doors is personal because I immigrated to this country as a refugee fleeing a civil war. I also have witnessed first-hand what can happen when you give someone a second chance and new ladders of opportunity. It is true that our politics and rhetoric have become divisive; however, I believe that now more than ever, neighbors must support neighbors. When we create opportunities for those who are marginalized, we lift entire neighborhoods, communities, and regions. 

WHY IT SHOULD MATTER TO YOU: Our communities are richer because of immigrants, refugees, and survivors of trafficking. Our new neighbors deserve our best selves. That’s what it means to be a neighbor – to receive people with open hearts, open minds, and open arms. 

WHAT IS THE CONTEXT: The journey most newcomers make to the U.S. is complicated, exhausting and often dangerous. For many, they are not only leaving difficult circumstances — they are introduced to new challenges as soon as they arrive. From financial and language barriers to bureaucratic and cultural barriers — the obstacles can be overwhelming. Opening Doors is here to ensure all newcomers have the tools they need to thrive.

BIGGER PICTURE: The core values of Opening Doors- rising together, honoring dignity, embracing courage, and seeking joy- embody the very best of us and they speak to our collective ethos as Americans that out of many, we are one.

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Opening Doors

Organized By Marko Mijic

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