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Hi! I'm Marion Delarue, I'm a 10th grader at Davis High, and I am the Apprentice Costumer for Acme Theatre Company! Right now we are designing the costumes for Acme's Spring Show, which is The Lady Demands Satisfaction (by Arthur M. Jolly). It's a lot of work and also involves  making our actors overheat in giant puffy costumes. It has also been forcing me to learn how to do many things I've never had to do before, like transport racks and racks of costumes all over town without a drivers' license (or a car). 

Acme helps me do a lot of cool things that I would never do in general life. I don't think a lot of people in their normal lives plan a bunch of costumes for a lot of strangers. Also, Acme is really fun and helps me find lots of ways to express myself and I get to meet a bunch of new people and make cool friends. 

I hope you will to give to Acme Theatre Company/the Costumes Department Campaign this Big Day of Giving! 

Acme is free for teenagers to participate in, but it's not free to make the shows happen. We need to pay for the stage, the props, the costumes, the lights, the sound... 

I hope you give to support the costumes department, because the show is just not as funny if everyone is naked and doesn't have costumes.

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