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I have been involved with the Sacramento Climate Coalition since 2016 when it arose from the successful effort to stop oil trains from coming through Sacramento on their way to coastal refineries. The environmental justice communities along the rail lines decided with other members of the community to continue the Coalition efforts by creating the Sacramento Climate Coalition. 

Over the years we have led mass demonstrations focused on women, the Lakota Sioux Dakota Access Pipeline, the Chicano and Black communities of Sacramento and those who are most impacted by climate change already. We have helped raise funds for and awareness about the plight of those who are living on the streets, the most vulnerable to upcoming changes. Since 2016 we have grown to include 37 local community based organizations.

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We have led the fight to get our local governments the City and County of Sacramento and SMUD to adopt climate emergency declarations and commit to more rapid climate action. SMUD is the first utility in the United States to adopt a goal of 100% renewable power production by 2030. We continue to watchdog local governments to ensure that they meet the promises they have made and we have a dedicated core of volunteers. You can join us by sending an email to

You can help us through with a contribution. Additional funds will help us increase our impact through improved communications and a more effective website. We will also be able to support internships and other opportunities for young people to get involved and learn how to make the changes needed to meet the climate change challenges. 

We have a wonderful matching donation this spring. This is the first time we've been a member of Big Day of Giving, so there are additional incentives in terms of added funds that your donation will help trigger. Please help us make it a success by making a contribution. Any amount is great, $10 or more qualifies for the match. Of course, please be as generous as you can.

I have been rewarded to live a lifelong passion for social change. Many of my friends have joined me in these kids of actions and causes from civil rights to ending nuclear testing, fighting toxic waste, and growing locally base power to make change. and, of course to advocate for a teach about water conservation. Many thanks to all who have helped or joined me in these pursuits.

Please join me now by supporting the Sacramento Climate Coalition. 

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