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If you know Anya, you will know just how much she LOVES to perform!  Her love of musical theater began at age 4 when she watched her older brother, Austin, perform in the Musical Mayhem Production (MMP) of Willy Wonka, Jr.  Austin, who is autistic joined MMP to help build his social skills, learn what emotions are and how to properly express them.  Since that show, Anya has performed in over 10 productions and hopes to be accepted into the "Master Academy" this May.  MMP is looking to make improvements to their back studio including dance specific floor and an HVAC to help keep the studio cool in the blazing summer and warm in the freezing winters.

Every penny helps!  Help Anya raise funds for the company (a non-profit 501c3), she LOVES dearly and to continue musical theater for years to come!

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Musical Mayhem Productions

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