Why do I give to Chalk It Up?

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Chalk It Up to Sacramento
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I give because the Chalk It Up Festival promotes belonging, joy, and community pride!

27 donors

raised $1,126

50 donor goal

I believe in Chalk It Up's work. The arts, arts education, and festivals like the Chalk It Up Festival all promote belonging and social connections, which are vital to healthy, thriving communities. This is why I give my time and donate to Chalk It Up, and I'm asking you to join me.

The Chalk It Up Festival, the grants, and the student art show are funded and operated by generous volunteers, donors, community partners, and sponsors.

My goal for the Big Day of Giving 2024 is to get 50 people to give to Chalk It Up, and the first donation will come from my own pocketbook.

Will you join me, and ask your friends too?  

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