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A little-known protector of ACME theatre company, Member-At-Large is an important role on the board.


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Hello, my name is Django Nachmanoff, and I am the Member-at-Large for Acme Theatre company. This role is like a block of Playdough, it can be a lot of things, and if mishandled, can make a real mess. In order to not make a mess of this position, we need a little bit of (Moolah, Cash, Dough, Ca-ching, Etc...) to help keep this company running smoothly. This is my second year on the board and I could not be happier with the progress we are making. 

Here are the main points of progress for this position which would not have been possible without your generous donations last year.

A new System, the big buddy, little buddy system has been formed that helps new company members have a contact who can introduce them into this theatre company and make them feel comfortable. We will be having meetings with our buddies to hang out and get to know each other, but these meetings will cost money(Froyo isn't cheap anymore), so every penny counts. You could be helping make a new company member feel more welcome in ACME with your donation!

The rummage sale was a great success last year. We got lucky because people saved their rummage through the dark ages(Social Isolation) and we had almost too much to sell last year. But now a new year dawns and we not only need your monetary donations but your rummage donations as well. Reach out to me at if you have a rummage you would like to donate to ACME.

My hope is in this coming year I can help bridge the gap between our adult board, The Invisible Council of Elders, and our teen board, the ACME Council of Executives. One way to do this is to teach the logistical side of running a theatre company to the teens.

We have lots to get done, so let's get hyped for a new year of ACME with your current MEMBER AT LARGE!

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