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The mission of St. Vincent de Paul, Roseville is to provide basic human services and programs to pre


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St. Vincent de Paul, Roseville has seen an increase in the number of seniors facing emergencies in housing instability. The number of senior households reaching out in an emergency due to eviction notice has increased over the past several months.

Many seniors are on a fixed income. Providing all of the basic essentials can be a struggle. Seniors are not immune to the increases in the costs of living which sometimes cause them to be unable to pay rent and also cover an emergency expense. In some cases, seniors have no family members or friends to turn to for help, making the fear of eviction a real and devastating possibility. In addition, the increasing cost of food and essentials puts many seniors in the position of being forced to choose between purchasing basics such as food or much needed medications.

For perspective, 28% of the attendees to the Food Locker drive thru last year were seniors over age 62, approximately 1,580 weekly visits for groceries. In addition, our BAGS Home Delivery Program has a capacity to serve 170 homebound seniors in Roseville and Rocklin, providing supplemental groceries through generous grants provided by these cities.

To address this need, St. Vincent de Paul Roseville is starting a new senior program to help in very specific emergency situations. We can do it with your help!

This year our BIG DAY OF GIVING goal is to raise $50,000 to kickstart our new assistance program – SENIORS IN CRISIS

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