Ella Scaife's Big Day of Giving Campaign 2024

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Musical Mayhem Productions
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Help Ella earn entries in the raffle for a FREE YEAR of MMP!


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Help me, Ella, fundraise for Musical Mayhem Productions. MMP to me is like a second home. It is my passion and I love doing shows with MMP. But there is one big flaw that needs to be fixed and you can help with that. We have no heater or air conditioning in the back room.  Please help me raise money to get an HVAC in the back room. In the summer, it is a million degrees back there, which is SO HARD to dance and rehearse in.  And, you guessed it, we are FREEZING in the winter since there is no heater back there. So PLEASE help me fundraise money.  

PLUS, for every $50 I raise, I get one entry into a raffle for a FREE YEAR of MMP.  This will save my family thousands of dollars that we pay each year to participate in a program I LOVE! 

Fun Fact...I also get bonus points for the penny war we're having against the other levels of Master Academy. If my level wins (Level 2), we get a pizza party.  We are so determined this year. You can also help with that to. So be a dear and help me raise money for MMP.

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Musical Mayhem Productions

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