To revitalize the Oak Park community through public education and economic development.

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Address: P.O. Box 5447
Sacramento , CA 95817
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Jake Mossawir
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 916-451-4673
For nearly 29 years, St. HOPE has dramatically improved the quality of life for residents from Oak Park through its holistic community development approach, and has made a major economic impact and contribution to the community. For instance, St. HOPE started, attracted or catalyzed the creation of 20 businesses throughout the community resulting in nearly 300 jobs. These efforts have generated a significant infusion of capital in the community, including more than $43 million in economic and real estate development investments.
While St. HOPE has as its mission the revitalization of the Oak Park community through public education, economic development, civic engagement and arts enrichment, a majority of our efforts are focused on leveling the academic playing field for young people from the community. We currently operate four separate charter schools serving more than 1,600 students and are constantly pursuing opportunities to increase our support base with community partners. Our ultimate goal is to be recognized as the finest urban preK-12th grade public school systems in America.

In order to reach our ultimate goal, we need as much support as possible from the community, which of course includes financial support. There are countless ways in which additional financial support will be well used to help educate our student body and provide them the same opportunities their counterparts are receiving from schools situated in more affluent neighborhoods. We have however, identified a critical project in need of supplemental funding -- the modernization and updating of our high school library (which is also used by both our middle school students).
Our top needs:
  1. Space: Office or Other - The library at Sacramento High School is in great need of updating and modernizing. Our goal is to design and redevelop the library to serve as a functional, multi-purpose space for students and staff to effectively engage in work and studies. We have several of Sacramento's most well known architects and interior designers who are providing their services pro bono to help create a unique space. The proposed concepts will include the purchase and installation of modern individual study and testing carrels, tables, and comfortable chairs to help motivate students to visit the library. Additionally, lighting will be enhanced and overall functionality will be greatly increased.
  2. Technology - The library and its contents are in great need of updating and the modernizing of the book, newspaper, and periodical collections is essential. We intend to purchase new computers with software that will enable us to better catalog our inventory and provide a much greater selection of reading material to our students. Along with new computers, we intend to provide a copy machine dedicated to students as well as multiple printers.
  3. Furniture - As identified above, having a comfortable place to meet that is also conducive to learning as a primary goal of ours. Having new study and testing carrels along with computer tables with power modules will better enable our students to prepare for exams and class projects. A new couch and comfortable chairs will allow students a unique space in which to read and gather -- quietly. We want our library to be something all students can be proud of -- they deserve it.
  4. In-Kind Donations - We are always in need of supplies for students, ie,. notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers, book bags, etc. Our teachers and administrative staff can always use reams of paper, toner cartridges, and thumb drives, as well.
  5. Volunteers - Our partnership with City Year AmeriCorps plays a big role in our community and with our staff and students. The time and effort they commit in supporting our students far outweighs the annual stipend they receive as part of their service. We regularly try an acknowledge these hard working young people committed to our community, but sometimes do not have the necessary resources to do so. Support through the Big Day of Giving would provide us the opportunity to show these volunteers how appreciative we are of their service by rewarding them with gifts, meals, and other items beyond their financial resources.
My name is Jake Mossawir and I run the day to day operations of St. HOPE as its Chief Executive Officer. Just over two years ago, after working several years as the Executive Director for a national nonprofit organization focused on closing the achievement gap and leveling the playing field for young people from under-resourced communities, I joined the St. HOPE team. St. HOPE is a comprehensive combination of three nonprofits focused entirely on revitalizing the inner city of Oak Park through public education and economic development. Founded by former Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, who was born and raised in Oak Park, St. HOPE has for more than 28 years fought the battle to improve the quality of life from the inside out for all Oak Park residents. In addition to running a K-12 network of four public charter schools in Oak Park, St. HOPE also invests in a variety or real-estate and business opportunities in the Oak Park, including the historic 40 Acres Complex. I now reside in the heart of Oak Park, one block from our headquarters, and I am fulfilling my desire to effect change.