Sisters of Nia, Inc.

Sisters of Nia, Inc. seeks to empower socially and economically disadvantaged adolescent girls by providing cultural and educational programs designed to instill strong social skills, leadership development, and academic excellence in our young ladies.

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Address: 9630 Bruceville Road Suite 106-318
Elk Grove, CA 95757
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Synthia Smith
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 707-469-3642
Founded in 2009, Sisters of Nia, Incorporated is an organization dedicated to serving adolescent girls in grades six, seven, and eight living in urban communities. The program began with only 12 girls, but at full capacity, has 36 girls enrolled. We have over 40 alumni girls in high school and 25 in college. We have served at least 300 youth, both boys and girls, through our annual youth leadership conference, talent show, and summer performing arts camp. Through the teaching of African-Centered values, Sisters of Nia aims to nurture and reinforce the natural strengths of girls, while encouraging them to live their life with confidence and purpose.

Sisters of Nia is open to girls of all ethnicities and backgrounds. Our data has proven that participation in the three-year program leads to greater emotional maturity, enhanced decision making, academic improvement, and more positive relationships and life skills for our members. Our activities and lessons are based on researched theory in order to achieve the highest levels of growth and success for our participants.

Sisters of Nia, Inc. is a three-year Rites of Passage program, focusing on a different aspect of adolescent female life each year from sixth grade to eighth grade. The program culminates in eighth grade with a college tour and Rites of Passage ceremony. We maintain high levels of contact with our enrolled participants as well as our alumni, serving as on on-going community resource that provides referrals for counseling, tutoring, and other outreach services for families in need.
As a grassroots organization, we have many pressing needs. However, our top needs are listed below. $20,000 - Funding for weekly program and events, as well as a Scholarship Fund. This will cover all expenses related to the programs our organization provides. $10,000 - Equipment (set of 15 Chrome books to support lessons; a projector for presentations and workshops) $5,000 - Copyright and Publishing expenses for program curriculum $2,000 - Board of Directors Development $2,000 - Grant Writer and Public Relations Specialist Our top needs: 1. Funding: Program - This included the weekly meetings and programs, mother and father-daughter programs and activities, college and history tour, scholarship fund for graduating high school senior girls, summer performing arts camp, and other programs. This also includes operating expenses associated such as the website, mailbox, and insurance, as well as other expenses. 2. Funding: Unrestricted - We are in need of an organizational growth consultant to help us plan and strategize how we intend to progress next several years. This also includes funding for equipment, a public relations specialist to help spread the word about who we are and what we do, and a grant writer to help us acquire more grant funding. In addition, this funding would cover copyright and publishing expenses for printing program curriculum. 3. Technology - We are in dire need of a projector for presentations and workshops. We also are in need of 15 chrome books for our girls to use for research for many of our weekly lessons. 4. Board Members - We are in need of board development workshops and training. Funding would also support our annual board retreat which is to inspire positive relationships between board members. 5. In-Kind Donations - - Art supplies for craft projects (colored pencils, markers, paints, paintbrushes, construction paper, glue, beads, and other craft materials) - Raffle prizes (gift cards for youth) - Fabric (all colors) - Chrome books (15 needed)
Dear future donor,

"Sisters of Nia, Inc. is a valued and unique program in the Sacramento community. There are no other three-year rites of passage programs working with adolescent girls in the area. Our three-year model allows us to build strong relationships with the girls and their families, and promotes working together as a community to bring out the best in our youth. Our greatest accomplishment is being able to serve the youth and families of Sacramento with a high-quality yet extremely affordable program.

Our Sisters of Nia weekly program exceeds its limit of participants each year, with dozens of girls who are waiting in anticipation of joining. Our yearly activities and programs have tremendous youth and community participation and support, often resulting in wait-lists due to limited funding and capacity to serve the numbers who want to participate. In addition, the girls of Sisters of Nia are frequently asked to perform or serve as volunteers for partner programs, and all of our community events are heavily supported.

We have succeeded in providing such a needed and beneficial entity for young people in the community through our commitment to grass-roots fundraising, and have creatively designed our program with our humble budget.

Your donation will allow us to continue to provide our quality programs and activities to youth in the Sacramento area and will also allow us to grow in capacity.

Thank you in advance for your support as your donation in any amount is greatly appreciated!"

Wishing you many blessings...sincerely,
Synthia Smith
Founder and Executive Director
Sisters of Nia
-- Synthia Smith, Founder and Executive Director