Sinag-tala Filipino Theater and Performing Arts Association

The SFTPAA provides free theater and performing arts training to the community at large, with an emphasis on the study, creation, interpretation and staging of the works of Filipino musical, dance, literary and cultural artists.

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Address: 4200 82nd Street, Suite E
Sacramento, CA 95826
County or Parish: Sacramento
Primary NTEE: Arts,Culture & Humanities 
Sub NTEE: Cultural & Ethnic Awareness 
Executive Director: Beatriz Alo
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 916-213-5441
The SFTPAA's free theater and performing arts training programs began in 1990 as a project of another organization which discontinued the programs in 2004. That same year, Parents and Supporters of Sinag-tala, a volunteer group that had been supporting the project since 1998, adopted the programs and obtained 501(c)(3) status under its present name, Sinag-tala Filipino Theater and Performing Arts Association. The Sinag-tala programs were created to address:
1. A longstanding lack of ongoing arts programming within the Sacramento Region's Filipino community
2. The ethnic and other barriers isolating Sacramento-based Filipino-Americans from the mainstream arts community.

Since its inception, the SFTPAA has remained the only 501(c)(3) arts organization based within Sacramento's Filipino community. For a quarter of a century, Sinag-tala programs have contributed to the development of many local Filipino-American artists and vigorously promoted the study of and appreciation for the musical, dance, literary, and cultural works of Filipino artists. Because participation in SFTPAA's membership and programs is open to all interested individuals of all backgrounds, the SFTPAA enjoys the loyalty and ongoing engagement of a diverse support and volunteer base. The SFTPAA's Board of Directors, Artistic Director, Resident Artists, and production staff are all volunteers.

Because of SFTPAA's relatively lower overhead costs - when matched against arts groups of comparable scope and operations - underserved children, teens young adults and their families are able to enroll tuition-free. Participants are only required to become SFTPAA members for an annual $10-per-person or $20-per-family fee. However, this fee is waived for extreme hardship cases. In addition, participants and their families are required to volunteer their time and support fundraising efforts. The most notable hallmarks of SFTPAA programs are their accessibility; a highly unique mission, curriculum and repertoire; and the high artistic standards it pursues. The SFTPAA currently faces the challenge of maintaining its programs on a small budget while also facing the prospect of eventually raising enough funds to support paid staff to continue the programs after the scheduled 2015 retirement of Sinag-tala's volunteer Artistic Director of 25 years, who has also been serving as volunteer CEO since 2005. Today, the Board and membership are developing strategies for hurdling this challenge.
The Sinag-tala Filipino Theater and Performing Arts Association (SFTPAA) was established in 1990 to provide the Sacramento Community insight to Filipino and Filipino-American Culture and History through the performing arts. The way we do this is by providing free training in singing, dancing, acting and other theatrical duties such as costuming, stage managing, writing, and directing which culminates in the annual production, Sinag-tala: A Theatrical Review. For over 27 years, we have provided these training and performing programs to anyone interested at no cost. However, in order to carry out this mission, we must find ways to address our financial needs:

- Funding for our annual production of Sinag-tala: A Theatrical Revue
- Starting in 2017, we will need funding for a new series of Theater Training Workshops
- Funding for continued rental of rehearsal, work, and storage space plus utilities
- Funding for materials, training, and performance arts needs
- Volunteers for administrative, artistic, and production duties
Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Program - Funding for the 12-week program that culminates to the production of Sinag-tala: A Theatrical Revue. The funds needed are for the 10-day rental of a 700- to 1100-seat school theater, support for sound and light rentals plus labor for a three-day run of the annual Sinag-tala Theatrical Revue, and marketing costs. ($40,000 every year)
  2. Funding: Program - Support for a new series of Theater Training Workshops conducted prior to Sinag-tala: A Theatrical Revue. These short-term workshops would entail the specific arts of learning a Filipino Traditional Songs, writing for the stage, costuming for theater, etc. ($3,000 every year)
  3. Space: Office or Other - Support for continued rental of rehearsal, work, and storage space plus utilities ($40,000 for three years).
  4. Funding: Unrestricted - Funding for materials, training and performance arts needs to be used throughout the year such as: costumes, training materials, props, repairs, musical instruments, and audio/visual equipment. ($5,000 every year)
  5. Volunteers - We are always in need of volunteers who can take on the duties of, but not excluded from: administrative, drivers, stage managing, teaching, costuming, working the box office, being a child chaperon, musician, performers, greeters, phone callers, etc.
With both honor and humility, we present the attributes that make Sinag-tala widely considered today as the foremost Filipino arts organization in the Sacramento Region, an integral part of the Sacramento community, advancing arts awareness as essential in community building. It earned the public's trust and support through these endeavors: the only existing Filipino-community-based 501(c)(3) arts organization within the entire four-county Sacramento Region its tuition-free theater and performing arts training programs reach out to underserved children, youth, adults, and families for 27 years, engaged over 1,000 participants of varied ethnic, racial, religious, economic, and sexual orientations, with widely ranging skill and experience levels its annual December Theatrical Revue, the culmination of the year's training, showcases the progress of the many talents that it develops and nurtures, making the Revue a part of Sacramento's Christmas traditions.

SFTPAA has contributed to the career successes of its alumni who have pursued or earned Master's and Doctorate degrees in the arts and arts education: founded other performing companies, competed in or won nationally televised dance and singing competitions, enrolled in professional studios or advanced arts institutions, and gone on to professional careers as actors, dancers, singers, choreographers, directors, playwrights, master teachers, recording artists and technicians. Brian Rivera, an alumnus, is currently performing in the National Broadway Tour of THE KING AND I, after completing his Broadway run at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

SFTPAA performs repeatedly at major entertainment venues in the Region such as the California State Fair, Sacramento World Music and Dance Festival, Pacific Rim Street Fest, Crocker Art Museum, Filipino Fiesta, Rancho Cordova International Festival, Elk Grove Multi-Cultural Community Festival its mission has been recognized as worthwhile through the various grants, technical and in-kind support over the years from the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, Sacramento Region Community Foundation, PG&E, CA State Employees Charitable Campaign, workplace giving programs of Kaiser Permanente, Chase Bank and other donors in turn, gives support to other organizations like My Sister's House, Filipino Community of Sacramento and Vicinities, Filipino Women's Club, University of the Philippines Alumni Association of Sacramento, and many others.

Beatriz C. Alo, President and Board Chairman