Save Ourselves Breast Cancer Organization

Save Ourselves' mission ensures that no one face breast cancer alone. We are a group of breast cancer survivors-turned-thrivers who reach out to those diagnosed with breast cancer. We provide individual and group support, hope, information and resources. We promote proactive participation in breast cancer treatment and recovery. We provide 108 psycho-educational support groups annually, 24-hour telephone support, monthly potlucks, and educational forums on breast cancer related topics.

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Address: 4300 Auburn Blvd. Suite 201
Sacramento, CA 95841
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: Katherine Capel
Contact Email:
Primary Phone: 916-882-2117
Fax: 916-488-2983
Save Ourselves (SOS) was founded in 1991 by a group a breast cancer patients who realized that the breast cancer community was under served. As a local grassroots organization, we worked hard to bring attention to the dearth of services to those with breast cancer. From 1991-1995, SOS hosted annual breast cancer rallies at the State Capitol to raise awareness about breast cancer and to focus on legislation that would help those with breast cancer. SOS was the driving force behind the passage of the Breast Cancer Act of 1993, which created the Every Woman Counts program so that uninsured women could receive free mammograms with a referral from a physician.

In 1991, we began hosting monthly educational forums. In 1992, we trained our first group of breast cancer hotline volunteers. In 1993, we started the first of many support groups. We currently provide the following groups: early stage breast cancer, metastatic breast cancer (MBC), young women's (<40), lesbian, facing cancer with faith and a special 12-session survivorship group: Thriving beyond Surviving for those who are two or more years post treatment. In 2009, we launched our lingerie closet that is housed at UCD's Comprehensive Cancer Center. Here, breast cancer patients can help themselves to new mastectomy bras, wigs, turbans, hats, books, and more.

We also partner with UCD on various breast cancer related research projects. SOS is committed to reaching out to the under served through providing information at community health fairs and speaking to student from junior high through college-aged.
Save Ourselves Breast Cancer Organization would like to expand its services to serve more breast cancer patients in the greater Sacramento region and beyond. We need to expand our Board of Directors. One concept that we'd like to see come to fruition is a way for breast cancer patients, particularly those with metastatic breast cancer on Hospice, to attend our support groups electronically (telehealth) on those days they are too ill to attend.

Our website needs sprucing up. We'd like to have an engaging website with professional web back-up, so that changes can be made promptly.

We need tri-fold brochures for medical offices. We need people who can distribute these on a regular basis.
Our top needs:
  1. Board Members - We need dynamic board members who are committed to bettering the lives of those with breast cancer.
  2. Funding: Program - We need funds to continue offering psychosocial support to the breast cancer community.
  3. Technology - We need a new interactive website/and timely web support.
  4. Technology - We need the equipment so that those who are too sick to attend could attend our groups electronically, perhaps with tablets.
  5. Volunteers - We need volunteers for a variety of things, including chairing our annual walks (April 22nd).
As one of the co-founders of Save Ourselves Breast Cancer Organization 27 years ago, I am deeply honored to be the current executive director. In 1987, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 32, I felt completely alone. I experienced the absence of psychosocial resources for the breast cancer community. A small group of like-minded women banded together to form Save Ourselves (SOS) with the mission that no one would face breast cancer alone. We have achieved our goal. We currently offer 108 psychoeducational breast cancer support groups in the greater Sacramento area, provide monthly educational forums at Nordstrom, Arden Fair Mall, offer a breast cancer helpline staffed by trained breast cancer survivors, have a lingerie and wig closet located at UCD's Comprehensive Cancer Center stocked with oodles of new and gently used post-mastectomy undergarments, wigs, prosthetics, hats, turbans, scarves, etc. With your help, we will be able to continue there services and look forward to expanding our service area to the foothills. The treasurer of Save Ourselves, Terrie Marable Makin has over 40 years in working for a nonprofit that serves the disabled and has as degree in accounting for nonprofit organizations. She has grant-writing, IT and fundraising experience. She joined our Board of Directors in 2012. The secretary of Save Ourselves, Bonnie Stephens, O.T., is a retired occupational therapist. She joined the Save Ourselves Board of Directors in 2012. She currently co-hosts our monthly educational forums at Nordstrom, Arden Fair Mall.