River City Theatre Company

RCTC is a non-profit young people's theatre intended to instill a lifelong appreciation of the arts particularly in musical theater. The RCTC experience is designed to teach new skills, instill confidence, promote self-esteem, teamwork and develop a love for theatre that will last a lifetime in this supportive workshop environment.

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Address: PO Box 191263
Sacramento, CA 95819-1263
County or Parish: Sacramento
Executive Director: John Iniguez
Contact Email: matthewyoungcpa@gmail.com
Primary Phone: 916-893-4481
Website: http://www.rivercitytheatre.org
River City Theatre Company (RCTC) started in 1990 when a well known dance choreographer, Ron Cisneros, and Co-Founder parent, John Iniguez, came together to create an organization that would allow children ages 6-18, from 1st through 12th grades to perform classical and new musicals without having to audition. What a great concept! Join and you could be on stage! What started as a small organization has become a well-known sustainable theatre organization in Sacramento and continues today. RCTC performs two or three productions each year, or at least 16 shows, for audiences close to 10,000 annually. In 2015, RCTC celebrated it's 25th Anniversary year. In addition, each year RCTC's musical productions are nominated in various categories for Elly Awards (equivalent to a Tony Award for Broadway theatre) from the Sacramento Regional Theatre Alliance (SARTA). For 2016, RCTC and Mr. Ron Cisneros won an Elly Award for Best Choreography for the production, "Anything Goes."
As an all-volunteer youth musical theatre workshop, we are constantly looking for ways to replace our capital equipment to provide our cast and audience the opportunity to participate in and see live musical theatre. This would include scholarship funding for under-privileged cast members and schools ($4,000), replacement of broken lighting equipment ($2,500), replacement/upgrade of body mics and other sound equipment ($3,000). This year we also seek donations towards our purchase of a new 21st century projection system used to replace the expensive rental of backdrops for our productions (up to $5,500).
Our top needs:
  1. Funding: Program - Scholarship monies
  2. Technology - Lighting equipment
  3. Technology - Sound equipment
  4. Technology - Projection system for screen images, both moving and static, in lieu of expensive rental backdrops.
  5. Funding: Unrestricted - Unrestricted cash donations
River City Theatre Company (RCTC) is completely unique and was one of the first of its kind in Sacramento. The founders of the organization came together based on their own children auditioning for roles in musical theatre productions in the community. They were sad when their children tried out for parts, did not get them and went home with tears in their eyes. The idea was, what if there was a theatre company that would take everybody...? Give all children an opportunity to be on stage, regardless if they auditioned....RCTC then sprung to life! Our shows have featured as many as 200 cast members per production. Of course, children are given the opportunity to audition for bigger roles or leads; however, everyone who is accepted into the workshop is on stage. EVERYONE. RCTC is also unique in that our cast performs with a live orchestra. And finally, we are all volunteer- run. This is a wonderful organization! -John Iniguez, RCTC Executive Director & Founder