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All you need to know about receiving your GivingEdge donations

The Sacramento Region Community Foundation uses a fast and secure method to disburse donations received on GivingEdge during Big Day of Giving and throughout the year: Deluxe eChecks. Here's how it works: 


When your organization receives donations on GivingEdge, our team at the Sacramento Region Community Foundation processes and disburses them to you in one eCheck.


We send the eCheck via email to the address listed under your organization's "Disbursement Settings." The email has a secure link to access and print the eCheck, which can then be brought to your bank (recommended) or deposited remotely.


Separately, we email you a grant letter alerting you of the award, which you should keep for your records. The letter will note that the funds are unrestricted, so you can put them to best use in our community!

When will I receive my Big Day of Giving donations?

Our Grants and Finance teams work to get the checks cut as soon as possible, and we are pleased to get funds to you sooner than ever this year! Find the timeline in our Big Day of Giving Nonprofit User Guide.


Have additional questions?

Why eChecks? Are they safe?

Not only does using eCheck and grant emails save paper, materials, and transportation emissions, eChecks allow the Foundation team to process checks and grant letters more efficiently, getting your organization its funds sooner! 

While no payment method is 100% safe from fraud, Deluxe eChecks uses limited touchpoints, secure, online retrieval, and verification in a secure online database to ensure eChecks are one of the most secure payment methods on the market. 

My organization received a donation through my GivingEdge profile. When will I get my eCheck?

We aim to process and disburse donations as quickly as possible, so you can put your supporters' gifts to work! We disburse donations no later than 30 days after the end of the month in which the contributions were made. Specifically for Big Day of Giving, gifts made in April are disbursed by May 30; gifts made in May are disbursed by June 30. 

Who will the eCheck be sent to?

The eCheck and separate grant award letter will both be sent to the contact listed under your organization's "Disbursement Settings" on the back end of your organization's GivingEdge profile, located under the Settings tab. For security purposes, we are not able to copy other people on these emails. To expedite future grant processing, please keep the information in "Disbursement Settings" updated. If you'd like a check reissued, please contact our team.

How do eChecks work?

Much the same as paper checks, except you print them yourself. When your eCheck is ready, you will receive an email from (like the one below) which includes a button that says "Open this check." Once you click the button, a webpage will open where you can access a PDF of your check (like the one pictured below). Print the PDF, separate the check, sign the back, and deposit it as normal. We recommend depositing it in person to a bank teller.

What is included in the check amount? Where can I see the breakdown?

For gifts made outside of the Big Day of Giving campaign window, checks include all gifts made through GivingEdge during that grant cycle. Please keep in mind that the check total excludes the technology and processing fee assessed on all donations made on GivingEdge, so the amount looks different from what you see in your donation report. 

We disburse two Big Day of Giving eChecks. The first will include all gifts made during the Big Day of Giving window in April, less fees, and will be sent no later than May 30; the second will include all gifts made during the Big Day of Giving window in May, as well as any prizes your organization received, gifts from Sacramento Region Community Foundation and/or Yolo Community Foundation fundholders, and/or Golden 1 Credit Union match funds, less fees. All eChecks are sent alongside a separate grant email to the eCheck recipient that details what is included in the eCheck total.

How are the fees calculated in my check?

A fee is assessed by the Sacramento Region Community Foundation on transactions made on GivingEdge to offset associated technology and processing costs. The cumulative fee is comprised of the following components:

  • Technology & Management: On all donations, regardless of the method of payment, 3% is assessed to offset technology costs. 
  • Processing, which is dependent on the method of payment: For credit card gifts, 2.2% is assessed to offset processing costs. For bank account gifts, 0.8% (capped at $5.00) plus $1.50 is assessed to offset processing costs.

Donors can choose to help offset fees during checkout. You can learn more about fees here.

Where can I find our donation report?

Your list of donors can be found and exported to a CSV in your organization’s GivingEdge account by going to "Donations" under the Reports tab. In the top right corner, you will see "Download." Make sure that the "Time Period" filter is set to capture donations made during the dates stated in your grant email. 

Why can't I find our eCheck?

All eChecks will be sent from If you do not receive this email, please check your spam/junk folders. If it isn't there, please confirm you are reviewing the correct inbox for the email provided to us. If you are still unable to locate your eCheck, please contact the team at or

Why is my check amount different from what's listed in our donation report?

Your disbursement will not match the Amount column of your Donation Report. As noted above, a fee is assessed on all donations made through GivingEdge. For some Big Day of Giving eChecks, the check amount will include additional factors, such as any prizes that your organization won, some matches (not those solicited by your organization), donations from fundholders at the Sacramento Region Community Foundation and/or Yolo Community Foundation, in addition to fees assessed on online gifts. A complete breakdown is sent to the email address that receives the check.

If your disbursement seems incorrect, then it may be due to a credit card dispute from one or more of your donors. If this is the case, you may receive less than what your Donation Report shows either because the dispute was lost or because the dispute is still pending. If the dispute was lost, the Amount column should say $0. (If this was a Big Day of Giving donation, you may want to reach out to this donor about donating to your organization directly and explain that the charges that showed up as "Big Day of Giving" on their credit card statements were their donations to you. Sometimes donors forget they gave during Big Day of Giving.)

Does the Deluxe eCheck company see all my donors' information?

No. The only information they receive is the name of your organization and the amount of your final check. All donation processing and reconciliation are done by the Sacramento Region Community Foundation.

What if a donor requests a refund?

For Big Day of Giving, it is the Foundation's policy to process refunds requested through May 30 of each year; following that date, and for gifts made outside of BDOG, we direct donors to the nonprofits they supported for refund requests.

What if my bank has questions about this check?

You can inform your bank that the check was printed from an authorized check record and is not a Check 21 Image Replacement Document. The details (pay to, amount, routing/account number) and authenticity of this check can be verified by visiting Answers to additional questions about eCheck can be obtained at or by calling 877-333-6964.

eChecks Call Center Hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 7:00am - 10:00pm CT
  • Saturday: 8:00am - 4:30pm CT
  • Sunday: Closed

I have a question about my disbursement or a question that isn't answered here.

Please contact us at or 

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