Let's spread generosity!

A vibrant community requires a strong nonprofit sector, and a strong nonprofit sector requires robust community support. There are so many ways we can all bring attention to the good that happens every day in the Sacramento region.

For Donors & Community Supporters

Your help is crucial.

We've collected these resources to help you rally around the causes that matter to you and inspiring others to get involved, too. Thank you for helping to bring attention to the importance of philanthropy in our community!

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For Local Nonprofits

All the information you need, in one place.

Looking for details about creating a GivingEdge profile, participating in the next Big Day of Giving, advancing your organization's work, and more? We've got you covered.

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About GivingEdge Fees

Transparency in giving.

We believe in transparency around the cost of fundraising. That's why we don't hide the processing fee for gifts, why we ask for donors to add a little extra to their gifts to cover the fee, and why we share more about exactly why this fee is necessary.

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