Yolo Community Foundation

For nearly 20 years, the Yolo Community Foundation has worked to inspire and support giving and provide philanthropic leadership in Yolo County. We do that in three primary ways:

YCF works to inspire giving in Yolo County. We offer philanthropic vehicles, like donor advised funds, that make giving easier, more strategic, and tax-advantaged. We also communicate about local needs and the incredible work that nonprofits are doing to address those needs, highlighting the important role local donors play in supporting nonprofits and, through them, our neighbors in need. In these ways, we work to increase the quantity of giving in Yolo County.

YCF works to support local philanthropists. We provide the education donors need to achieve their giving goals, the inspiration to be excited about giving, and connection to a community of peers working together to support Yolo County through philanthropy. We do this via one-on-one staff support, as well as events (both for fundholders and the community at large). In these ways, we work to increase the quality of giving in Yolo County.

YCF works to serve Yolo nonprofits. We make grants to local nonprofits through programs like the Yolo COVID-19 Relief Fund, the Buck Education Grant (2017-2020) and Census 2020 Outreach Grants (2019-2020). We also co-host the Yolo Nonprofit Leaders Alliance, in partnership with the Impact Foundry and Yolo County Library; through this event series, we offer professional development and networking opportunities to local nonprofit executives. About a third of our 65 fundholders are themselves local nonprofits and government agencies that have opened endowment funds or other investment vehicles, and of course all local nonprofits benefit if we accomplish our goals of inspiring giving and supporting philanthropists.


The Yolo Community Foundation inspires and supports giving and provides philanthropic leadership in our community.


Capacity building and sustainability

Programs and events to support our local nonprofits (professional development, etc.) and philanthropists (donor education, etc.)

Grantmaking programs to address Yolo County community needs

Fundholder assets to build a base of long-term philanthropic support for Yolo County

Board members that reflect the geographic, demographic, and industry diversity of Yolo County

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