Yolo Community Care Continuum

Reviewed in 2021 by the Sacramento Region Community Foundation

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$15,000 Goal

Yolo Community Care Continuum has been providing community based mental health support services since 1979. The organization was founded in 1979, when a small group of concerned parents gathered to resolve a dilemma they shared. Each of the parents had young adult children who had been diagnosed with mental illnesses too severe to be cared for at home. They believed it would be beneficial to their children if they could live close by, in a community setting, while receiving the professional support necessary to avoid institutionalization. These parents decided to create a place that felt like home, where their children could get the professional treatment and compassionate support they needed to live as productive lives as possible. Their vision has become a statewide model of mental health care. The philosophy of our founders is still reflected today in the agency's mission: to better the lives of people with a mental illness through direct services, advocacy, education, and volunteer efforts. To meet this mission, YCCC manages five different programs offering compassionate, innovative direct services to clients. Each component of our service continuum is designed to meet each client's needs at specific points in the recovery process.

Our programs provide a continuum of service including residential treatment, supportive housing, and support and referral for mentally ill, dual-diagnosis and homeless clients. Safe Harbor Crisis House and Cornerstone Crisis Residential are short-term crisis residential treatment facilities that provides crisis intervention in a supportive, group living environment for adults who are experiencing acute emotional distress. The Farmhouse is a rehabilitative treatment facility which provides a supportive group living environment for adults who are transitioning from a locked residential facility to a community based setting. The Supported Housing Program has five houses and two apartment complexes which offer permanent residence and support services for individuals with a psychiatric disability. Harmony House is an adult residential facility with a treatment component program that offers mentally ill individuals a group living environment. Adults live at Harmony House cooperatively, learn the skills necessary to live independently while receiving support as needed from highly trained Mental Health Workers. Housing Now provides housing placement services for individuals in Yolo County that have a mental illness. In addition to providing direct services, our agency is actively involved in advocacy efforts on behalf of persons with mental illness by addressing their health, social, emotional, economic and vocational needs in their communities.


Yolo Community Care Continuum is a non-profit organization established to better the lives of people with a mental illness through direct services, housing and homeless services, advocacy, education and volunteer efforts. Yolo Community Care Continuum excels as a dynamic presence in our community. Our goal is to provide client driven services that assist people in attaining the highest level of mental health possible.


Funding of $50,000 per year is needed for housing support services.

General funds are needed to help with transportation, property management, indirect expenses, and personal essentials for clients.

Energetic people with compassion for individuals living with mental illness and/or homelessness are needed to fill open vacancies on the Board of Directors.

Funding of $5,000 per year is needed to continue the Farm to Mouth program.

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Organization name

Yolo Community Care Continuum

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Mission Category

Mental Health & Crisis Intervention

Operating Budget

$1,000,001-$5 million

Organization Need

Board Members, Funding: Program, Funding: Unrestricted, In-Kind Donations

Demographics Served

Individuals with disabilities, LGBTQ+, Low-income individuals/families


285 W. Court St #207 207
Woodland, CA 95695

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Yolo, CA, US

Placer, CA, US

Solano, CA, US

Sutter, CA, US

Sacramento, CA, US





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