Woodland TV (Formerly known as WAVE TV Channel 21)

Public access began in the back of the City Council Chambers, not much larger than a closet. Early public access directors provided part-time service to the station, which included minimal programming as well as maintaining a contract to cover the City Council meetings. Council Members Dudley Holman and Elaine Rominger, City Manager Kris Kristensen, and Former Congressman Vic Fazio believed that the community would benefit greatly by having a forum to air and view local events and issues facing Woodlanders. So in 1992, these City leaders forged a PEG (Public, Educational, and Government) station with the incoming cable service provider.

Currently there are several very devoted public access volunteers who still continue to serve the community by giving hundreds of hours of their time to bring local events on the air.


Woodland TV provides the opportunity for our community to speak and share freely through public access media.


Expand Community and Regional Programming:

- A primary goal is to provide quality local community programming to our viewers. There are numerous interesting events occurring daily in Woodland and to provide expanded video coverage we need to increase volunteers and part-time staff to enable coverage of these events.

Volunteers, Board members:

- Increase membership and volunteer base, including active board members to help us be more viable as a business. We are interested in recruiting teens, seniors and interested community member to help us in this venture and provide fresh perspectives to the community.

Continue community outreach through collaborative efforts:

- Increase partnerships and collaborations with other non-profits, local government and residents of Woodland and to provide these individuals and organizations the necessary resources and support to produce programming for public access television.

Document and preserve local history:

- Work with local seniors and retirement homes in our community to digitally preserve our local living history.

Continue to expand education and training on videography & video editing:

- We are constantly shifting to meet the expanding technology being used. The skills of film editing is continuously changing with the advancements in technology, especially with the various video options from phone to cameras. WTV in looking to expand our interface with citizen journalists through their local podcasts and YouTube channels.

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Woodland TV (Formerly known as WAVE TV Channel 21)

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Community Improvement

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Funding: Program, Funding: Unrestricted, Technology, Volunteers


524 Main St. Suite 206
Woodland, CA 95695



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