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The Taylor House was founded in 2012. We are a 501c3 non -profit organization that receives no county, city, state or federal funding. Our main funding sources are from Community organizations, individuals, our annual Gala, and Grants.

The Taylor House is a transition home for former foster or at risk girls. Located in downtown Roseville, we accept  8 girls at a time, ages 18-24 and teach them life skills to assist them in building a strong foundation for their future.  Girls are referred to us from many sources which include social workers, community partners, Sierra College, probation officers, foster families,  CASA, high schools, Compassion Planet, and Pride Industries, to name a few.    

The house sits in downtown Roseville and is a 6-bedroom 2 bath home that is fully furnished complete with Cable TV, Wi-fi, central heat & Air and a newly remodeled kitchen that is fully stocked with everything residents need to prepare meals. All of the bedrooms are furnished with a full-size bed, dresser, nightstand, reading chair, mirror, curtains and desks. In 2020 the Taylor House completed a two-bedroom one bath apartment for the purpose of girls who are serious about their education. Girls first complete building their foundation in the main house and can transition to The College Apartment  while completing their education. 

Our Mission:   

To empower independence by teaching essential life skills and offering affordable rents to former foster and at risk  girls ages 18-24.           

The premise of the program is to help girls learn and incorporate "good habits” and how the “Real World” works.  Girls are required to seek and maintain employment, graduate from high school and are guided to move forward in their education while they live in the house.  Girls pay affordable monthly rent, put down a security deposit, pay for utilities and buy their own groceries.  The Taylor House provides basic needs to new Girls arriving such as food, clothing, toiletries and bedding. Most importantly, the staff provides reassurances they are in a safe place to live and learn. They will be guided throughout their stay with kindness, respect and patience to teach and learn self sustaining tools to live safe and well.  Girls meet with our Program Manager weekly to make sure they are on track for school, employment, budgeting, build a savings and obtaining all of their personal documents. The Taylor House meets the challenges of transportation with the girls we support and are instrumental in helping the girls get their driver’s permit, behind the wheel training, and drivers license.  Taylor House also has a matching car savings program. 

Our Program sets the focus on 5 keys areas:  

Employment: All girls have to have employment to live at The Taylor House. We have helped 60 girls build a resume, cover letter and master application. This includes teaching not only job prep but obtaining onboarding documentation and how to keep a job, once they get a job offer.  

Education:  It is mandatory for all girls to complete High school. The Program Manager works closely with community partners, academic professionals and volunteers to assist the girls with navigating FAFSA, Academic grants, career counselors and address any accommodations needed.

   A. 23 girls have graduated High School

   B. 2 girls have completed trade schools

   C. 44 girls have enrolled in college

   D. 5 girls have bachelor degrees 

   E. 8 girls have graduated with an AA degree 

   F. 1 girl completed her Masters Degree! 

Transportation:  We assist girls in getting their driver's permit, driver’s license, behind the wheel training and we have a car program that helps girls get their first car.  Girls must save their own money, plus have 90 days of liability insurance in the bank 

    A. 26 girls have received their drivers permit

    B. 26 girls have completed drivers training

   C. 26 girls have received help with a car

Health and Well-Being: The Taylor House prioritizes the physical and mental well-being of the girls in its care by providing assistance with essential medical visits. The Taylor House ensures the girls have access to healthcare professionals such as doctors, dentists, vision specialists, gynecologists, and mental health professionals to address crucial and immediate health concerns and promoting long-term wellness.  We provide medical accompaniment, advocacy, financial assistance and support to sign up for The Taylor House also offers access and resources to alternative therapies such as equine-assisted therapy, which has been shown to be highly beneficial for trauma recovery. Our alumni girls also have Taylor House paid for therapy 

Budgeting and Banking: We make sure all girls open a checking and savings account, we educate them on how to manage their money and  pay timely rent. Each resident must meet with our program manager weekly to go over their budget. We also have a credit repair and building component to make for a well rounded individual.


To empower independence by teaching essential life skills while offering affordable rents to transitioning foster and "at risk" girls ages 18-24.


The Taylor House relies on a combination of fundraising efforts, including events like the Big Day of Giving and our annual gala, to support our operations and programs for the girls we support. The funds raised through these events are critical for meeting various needs, from daily operations to specific programs like the resident assistance program that provides direct supports to the girls for food, clothing, housing cost, transportation, medical and mental health needs.

The annual gala is a well-organized and highly anticipated event, drawing in a significant number of attendees and features a variety of engaging activities. The involvement and dedication of the Taylor House Board Members ensures the success and commitment to the organization's mission.

Utilizing volunteers in various capacities, from providing practical support like transportation to offering companionship and mentorship to the girls, is invaluable. Volunteers play a vital role in augmenting staff's efforts and enriching the support and services provided to the girls.

A Volunteer Fundraising Chair underscores the importance of having a dedicated individual to oversee and coordinate fundraising efforts, particularly for such a significant event like the gala. This person will play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of the gala by following the established plan and orchestrating the evening's activities effectively.

By leveraging the support of volunteers and engaging the community in fundraising endeavors, the Taylor House can continue to fulfill its mission of providing comprehensive support and resources for girls to live safely while they learn the tools necessary for a successful life.

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