sonder SOLUTIONS was founded in 2016 as a response to employment needs in our community. Our staff identifies trends in the job market to ensure that we are offering up-to-date programming that addresses employment needs in our community. We work with an extensive cross-section of organizations and businesses to develop more efficient and effective processes in workforce hiring.

Through strategic risk taking and a proactive approach, sonder SOLUTIONS offers diverse but interconnected employment programs and services for veterans, displaced workers and individuals with barriers to employment. Whether we are engaging a small business to be their community hiring arm, or leveraging contracts with state government to create social enterprise, the scope of our projects is creating economic opportunity, catalyzing self-empowerment, and strengthening our community and its people.


Empowering disadvantaged individuals and underserved populations with whole person employment and workforce development services designed to promote self-sufficiency and independence--by removing barriers, creating opportunities, and helping job seekers build careers in their communities.


'Rancho Rises Up' Program - As you know, our community has been hit hard by COVID-19. With the closure of non-essential businesses, members of our community's workforce are finding themselves out of work indefinitely - some permanently. These individuals are in dire need of supportive services to prepare them to re-enter the workforce.

Many of the displaced workers in our community have been with their current employer for years; for some, decades. Since then, the job market has changed significantly. These workers are finding themselves out of practice in regards to conducting job searches and preparing resumes. They are in need of new skills so that when the job market picks up, they will be in the best possible position for success.

These individuals are our friends, our family members, our neighbors and our co-workers, and they need our help.

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, sonder SOLUTIONS is proud to expand our mission to serve ANY resident of Rancho Cordova who is currently out of work and is, or will be, actively seeking employment.

Our 'Rancho Rises Up' program will assist our community's working-age youth and adults who are in need of updated job skills. Upon completion of the program, they will be properly equipped to re-enter the workforce and face a competitive job market.

Youth Services Program - sonder SOLUTIONS has designed innovative workforce development training for transition-age high school students (age 16-21) who are experiencing barriers to employment (including, but not limited to: disability, homelessness, foster care, drop out risk). Through this program, participants will gain the skills necessary to be successful members of our community's workforce. sonder SOLUTIONS removes barriers that are typically experienced by our participants by providing job readiness training and offering work experience in our community. Through this program, participants will build foundational employment skills, gain confidence and independence, and improve their self-advocacy skills.

Your gift will help us continue to provide program participants with:

- Employment Opportunities

- Leadership & Development Opportunities

- Pre- Apprenticeship Programs

- Resume Workshops

- Job Readiness Training

- Assistance matching opportunities with individuals' Interests

- A support person to guide them on their first day of work

If you are caring, patient, and supportive and want to help better your community, then consider volunteering with sonder SOLUTIONS. All of our volunteer opportunities are during business hours from 9:30am-4:30pm. We ask that volunteers are 18+ but we can make exceptions for students on a case by case basis.

Employment Service Program - Individuals in this program will participate in online assessments and will be matched with the job skills training(s) most suited to their individual needs. Our staff will then directly assist each individual through a variety of offerings, including: group workshops, one-on-one coaching and job search assistance.

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